3 Things to Think About Before Choosing Your Hiring Partner

Your hiring partner is a key figure in your company’s success. He/she must be trustworthy, accountable, and in agreement with the company mission and values – all in addition to having the discernment to hire right.

Ensure They Understand Your Company Culture.

If your hiring partner doesn’t understand your company culture, they are not necessarily going to be able to hire an employee who is the right fit. Before you let your hiring manager take over the interview process, make sure they understand exactly the type of culture you’re seeking regarding work hours, workplace friendships, policies on vacation time and outside gigs, etc.

Don’t Rush into It.

Don’t rush into the hiring process by placing someone an inexperienced candidate into the ring. You could end up causing more harm than good by doing this. If you are short on time and need someone to hire your next candidate, consider hiring a staffing agency as they have all the experience necessary.

Inform them of Your Values.

Whether you choose to hire a staffing agency or an internal hiring manager, make sure you have a conversation with them about the company’s values, ethics, and definition of professionalism. It’ll be much easier for them to tangibly take that into account when seeking a candidate that is a good fit.

If you’re looking to hire new staff, consider Award Staffing. We will be able to ascertain your company culture, values, and other parameters to help you find the staff you need. We can both find the best-fit hiring manager and play a role as your HR extension. Contact us today. If you’re searching for more tips and trick on how to improve your company’s workforce, check out our hiring solutions blog.



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