3 Ways to Find the Perfect Job for You

Right now there are so many different job opportunities available. Whether you’re a recent graduate, returning to the workforce after a hiatus, or looking to explore a new career path, it can be overwhelming and a challenge to know where to even begin.
While there is technically no such thing as perfect, it is important that you find a job that you enjoy in a place that you know you can thrive. Too many people get caught up in applying to a bunch of places and then accepting the first offer that comes their way. But by finding the ideal place and position for you, you will have less stress, be able to explore your interests, and have a sense of meaning when you go to work every day. Here are three methods you can use to help discover the perfect job for you.

List out both your Interests and your Skills

Your interests will give you a good idea of places that you would enjoy and your skills will help you determine the types of roles you are qualified for. Search for places that ideally combine the two and pursue them. Working at such places will give you the opportunity to learn more in your areas of interest and begin to make them your areas of expertise.

 Determine the Industries you’d like to be part of

It can be something entirely different than you have ever done before. What industries do you enjoy reading about? What are some of your favorite products? What is something that you have always wanted to try, but haven’t yet? Don’t be intimidated to start at the bottom and try something you have never done before. Everyone starts somewhere and this could just end up being a long-term career for you.

Identify Companies you would want to work for

Maybe it’s not even a specific position. It could be that you have always had an interest in a specific company because of what they stand for or because of memories you have in relation to the company. If you have heard that there is a local or remote company that treats their employees well and pays a good salary, that could be a place to apply to as well. List out several that you take an interest in and go to their website and see what positions they are hiring for. If there is an entry-level position or something you see that you qualify for, submit your application.

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