5 Easiest Job Interview Tips + Tricks

A great job interview is just like any other accomplishment; it won’t happen without some real planning and hard work. At Award Staffing we have highlighted 5 of the easiest job interview prep skills that can make the next interview the best.

1. Review the Job Posting:

This cannot be overstated: the company knows exactly what they are looking for, and they state it clearly on the job posting. Review the job post. List point-by-point every experience and skill they are seeking. Go over your own experiences and how they make you a great fit, so all of this is fresh in your mind when you walk in the door.

As Dana Leavey puts it, “Try to remember what’s most relevant regarding specific clients you’ve worked with, types of projects you’ve worked on, similar companies you’ve worked for, and anything else that’s pertinent to the role.”

2. Research the Company:

Google is your friend, and so are social media sites like LinkedIn. Do your research before your interview. See what this company has done to get in the news. Find out what you can about the people who work there, what kind of background and skills they bring to the table and what they care about. Look for points of similarity and points of difference and be ready to discuss them in the interview.

3. Take The Next Step Beyond Your Resume:

When they ask about information on your resume the last thing you want to do is just quote the resume. Share specific examples that illustrate the information on your resume. Be prepared to talk and give the interviewer the extra layer of knowledge they are seeking.

4. Listen to The Interviewer:

Don’t be so focused on what you have to say that you don’t hear what you’re asked. A job interview is like a first date. You need to pay attention, listen closely and ask follow up questions. This makes the interviewer see you as someone who is interested and gives you a chance to find out more about the position.

5. Don’t Ask for A Job – Offer to Help:

The company didn’t put up a job post because they were hoping to give someone a salary or a cool place to hang out from 9 to 5. They put up a job post because they need to hire the right person for the job opening. Find out what they need and discuss the ways you can produce the work they require. This attitude can get you out of the interview on just the right note. As Lam Nguyen says, “It’s then up to you to make your final selling pitch by summarizing what the position is and what you bring to the table. Don’t forget to find out the next steps for the interviewing process. The follow-up item you want to leave in your interviewer’s mind is, “This is the right candidate. I’m ready to make an offer.”

If you’re looking to make your next job interview your best one ever, contact Award Staffing. We will be able to help you find a new position that lets you take advantage of your abilities and prepare you to turn the job interview into your dream job offer.