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3 Easy Ways to Make a Great Impression in a Interview

When you are trying to get a new job, making strong first impressions during a job interview is vital to your success. The first introduction you have with a hiring manager is going to impact every interaction you have after. You want to make sure that it goes well. The challenge is trying to figure […]

Job Searching While at Work? Here is Why You Shouldn’t

Most employers are not oblivious to the fact that some of their employees are to seeking out other job opportunities. Still, that doesn’t mean searching for a new job while at work is a smart decision. When you’re at your current job, you’re being paid to perform tasks that are associated with your position, and […]

Being Minnesota Nice when Use Your Cell Phone at Work

Cell phones are incredibly convenient because they simultaneously allow for more communication and greater mobility. However, cell phones don’t always have their place in a work environment and can often be seen as an annoying distraction. Here’s how to use your cell phone appropriately at work: Turn it to Vibrate- Cell phones should not make […]

How Quality Screening Can Reduce Employee Turnover

When you’re looking for new candidates for your company, you’ll always want to pick candidates that will reduce employee risk and turnover in the workplace. Conducting proper screening of your candidates is essential. Consider these suggestions Verify Skills One of the biggest contributors to employee risk is when the employee doesn’t possess the correct skill […]

How to be Safe When Using Lift Equipment

When associates are required to use mobile aerial work platforms, forklifts, or pallet jacks, it is essential to ensure they are operating them as safely as possible. This article will address the primary forms of lift equipment used by our associates and serves to remind us all of the importance of being aware of our […]

Your Job Interview Checklist for St. Paul Job Seekers

After you apply for a new job and you are invited in for an interview, proper planning is the key to your success. But figuring out how you should prepare isn’t always easy, especially going beyond merely practicing your answer to traditional interview questions. Being a great interviewee takes time and practice, but it doesn’t […]

How Minnesota Job Seekers Reduce Pre-Interview Jitters

Nervous before your job interview? Don’t worry; it’s normal. Reducing the appearance of your pre-interview jitters, however, will increase the possibility that the company will hire you. Try these tips. Don’t Drink Coffee Before the Interview- Most people are coffee drinkers, who tend to have one to two cups of coffee in the morning to […]

4 Reasons Why Minnesota Businesses Give Bonuses

Some employers give their employees bonuses for special occasions such as completing a project, making a sale, or celebrating the holidays. Bonuses are often given in the form of payment, but can also be given in other forms such as extra time off or increased responsibility. Recognizing the accomplishments of your employees with a bonus […]

3 Steps to You Need to Always do After an Interview

Having a job interview for a company you are interested in can be a life-changing event. You are being given a chance to prove yourself as an employee and discuss what skills you can bring to the company. After you have completed your job interview, there are three steps you should take to increase your […]