Open House is Every Wednesday at Award Staffing

Award Staffing Interested in learning more about Award Staffing’s current opportunities?  Want to meet with a staffing coordinator but unsure of what time?  Award Staffing now offers OPEN HOUSE hours at all of our locations! No appointments or pre-registration required.  Check out the details below:

Award Staffing Open House

Who?  Job Seekers

What? Award Staffing Open House

When? Every Wednesday from 9:00 AM to 3:00PM

Where? All Award Staffing locations! Feel free to visit our Bloomington, Chaska or New Hope offices!

Additional Information: Be sure to bring the proper IDs for I-9 Verification.  If you have not worked with Award Staffing in the past year, please expect to spend 15 – 45 minutes filling out an application before meeting with a Staffing Coordinator.

Want to find out more?  Feel free to call us at 952.924.9000 or email us at!

10 Tips for a Staff That Lasts

One of the greatest challenges facing business owners today is retaining qualified, valuable employees or staff members. When you find someone who is loyal to the company, has a great work ethic, and meets all of the position’s qualifications it’s in a company’s best interest to keep them on staff.  With the high costs, increased time and stress of training new employees also a factor, savvy employers are always looking to improve their relationship skills and business practices in order to retain their valuable employees and maintain a long-term satisfied and dedicated staff. The following tips will help create a “Staff that Lasts.”

Give quality time to your valued employees.

The more quality time you dedicate to your employees, the more valued your employees will feel. Increase the quality of this time by making eye contact with them during your interactions, and always remember to take time out of your busy day to stop and communicate with your employees.

Really LISTEN to your staff members.

Pay close attention to what your staff members are saying. Repeat back to your staff members what you heard them say to make sure that you heard them correctly, and also to show your staff members that you’ve been listening. Empathize with your staff members experiencing difficulty, and empower them to take actions to consistently produce positive results.

Verbally acknowledge your employees regularly.

Let your employees know that you appreciate their hard work and dedication. Verbally acknowledge them for their contribution and celebrate their successes. This will motivate your employees to continue maintaining an optimal level of performance.

Motivate your staff to take risks and try new things.

A staff that is motivated and allowed to take risks will be more creatively engaged and satisfied with their duties, and their innovative creativeness will produce profitable results. They will never be bored, and they will look forward to working, even on Mondays.

Recognize your valuable employees with Employee Recognition Programs.

Implement an “Employee of the Month” program or choose an award title that will be more applicable to your business practices. Award recipients love to see their name on a plaque hanging on the wall and see an article of appreciation written about them posted for all to see. They feel successful and appreciated.

Be honest with your employees.

Always be straight up and honest with your employees. No one wants to walk on pins and needles worrying about what the boss is really thinking. Your employees will respect you and be more likely to stay with you if they know they can count on you to tell the truth.

Train your staff members to be able to take your place.

Your staff members will rise to the standards you set for them. The best staff members are the ones who care about the business as much as you do, and can jump in and do whatever it takes to have the business run smoothly. Train them to be good enough to take your place. They will feel great about themselves, and your business will run effortlessly.

Teach your staff members to communicate positively and effectively.

Most people have never learned how to communicate their feelings, perceptions, needs, and goals. They just automatically assume everyone is supposed to read their minds. Give your employees a safe space to learn how to say whatever is going on in their minds. This will facilitate clearing up any miscommunications or misperceptions in the workplace. Open lines of communication also lead to a fun, productive and committed environment.

Spread the wealth.

Implement employee incentive programs, wherein your valuable employees earn some sort of bonus or share of the increased sales or profits. This will result in your employees staying motivated and dedicated to the business’ success, and they will also feel that their contributions are rewarded and appreciated.

Create and motivate a continued positive, energetic workplace environment.

Your employees will take your lead. They will learn their accepted behavior patterns from how you are being. Maintain a positive, high-energy frame of mind and expect the same from your employees. Teach all of your employees to support each other in staying in the positive zone. As a result, you will all consistently experience a fun, successful, and committed work life.