5 Crucial Interview Questions

When you’re interviewing prospective candidates to work for your company, it’s your job to find out as much as that person as you can, helping you make a good decision. Often, you will need to delve into a candidate’s motivations and character in order to figure out whether or not they are a good fit for the job. Here are the 5 crucial interview questions you need to ask to help you accomplish just that.

Why Do You Want This Job?

This question is great because it will show whether a candidate has done extensive research on the job description and has compared it with his or her experience. If the candidate starts talking about duties that aren’t applicable, it’s safe to assume that he or she hasn’t read the job description.

Why Do You Like Our Company Over Others?

This question will show whether a candidate has done extensive research on your company and competitors. If they can provide a complete answer that is relevant to your company, they are probably genuinely interested in working for you.

What Would Your Previous Job Say About You?

This question will tell a lot about the candidate’s attitude. If they speak negatively of their previous job, you might have a difficult person on your hands. If they speak positively of their previous job, despite the feedback, you can rest assured that they are a good person who honors their commitments.

What Are Your Biggest Strengths?

This is a great question to hear what the candidate genuinely thinks his or her greatest strengths are. This is a time when they can be honest, so it would be interesting to hear to see if their strengths are in line with the company’s vision.

What Are Your Biggest Weaknesses?

This is a tough question, and there really is no “right answer.” But, this question is great for showing how candidates react under pressure. Are they being genuine about their weaknesses, but giving a positive spin, or are they trying to falsely portray a supposed weakness as a strength? Does the question stress them out or can they take it in stride.

These are all great questions to determine a potential hire’s character. If you are in need of new or additional employees for your business, contact Award Staffing. We will be able to help you find prospective employees utilizing some of these questions.

How to Retain Productivity When Your Employees Return To School

Every fall, summer help returns to school. This is great, but when it’s your employees in question who are returning to school, it could be a problem. As a leader in your company, you want to minimize the negative effects associated with this transition so your company can stay productive. Here are a few helpful tips to retain productivity when your employees return to school:

Plan Ahead of Time

For the most part, your employees leaving to go back to school is a set time-frame. Though the specific dates may vary from employee to employee, you can generally count on your employees having to go back to school anywhere from early August to late September. If you plan for this every year, it won’t catch you by surprise. It will be easier to make subsequent plans.

Hire Additional Help.

You will need additional help to replace the employees who are leaving. One great way to do this is to hire a staffing company, because they will do all the legwork for you in finding great candidates. This will allow you to spend the time focusing on running your business and training your employees.

Facilitate Employee Transitions.

If possible, you should have your new employees and old employees overlap by a few days. This will allow your old employees to transition and train the new employees. This is an effective and cost-saving process, which will ensure you’re not missing anything in the training your new employees need.

Leave a Trial Period.

Give yourself some space for a trial period with the new employees. This will allow you to find back-up employees if the new hires aren’t working out or aren’t suitable for your needs. This will also allow you to make any administrative assessments in terms of what processes are working versus what processes aren’t working.

If you have employees going back to school soon, contact Award Staffing. We will work with you to find employees who will seamlessly transition into your company so you don’t lose productivity. If you give us advance notice, we will work to have this done well before your employees leave for school.

How to Use Your Lunch Break Effectively

Most employees don’t utilize their lunch breaks effectively. Many people find the time slipping by them as they essentially “wait” to return to work. While you don’t have to make all of your lunch breaks productive, it is best if you can assign purpose and meaning to them. Here’s how to use your lunch break effectively.


You don’t always have to be on-the-go. If you want to use your lunch break to relax, that’s a perfectly good way to do so. Try to make your relaxation as intentional and mindful as possible. That means that you tell yourself that lunch is for relaxing. When you do so, you will become much more appreciative of the time and act you are doing. When you return to work, you will be that much more productive because you will have a keen mental clarity.


If you are too tired to squeeze in the gym before or after work, use your lunch break to exercise. If you have an hour lunch and there’s a nearby gym, you could always lift weights or do some cardio for a half hour and then take a quick shower. If you’re on the 30-minute plan and/or there aren’t facilities nearby, you could take a walk or a run around your building area. As long as it gets your heart rate up and moving, it counts.

Personal Development

You likely have other hobbies or passions that you’re pursuing alongside your job. Use your lunch break to work on your personal development. If you like drawing, take some time to do a few sketches before you head back to work. Read a book or link to a teaching web about your passion. Being intentional about personal growth always pays off over time

You will find that your days and weeks will be much more productive if you use your lunch breaks effectively. Contact Award Staffing. We will be able to help you find a job that will give you the time you need during the day to be productive and effective.

5 Work Skills You Can Always Improve

If you ever have spare time while you’re working, you should utilize that time to brush up on some work skills. There are some specific skills you can always practice and improve upon with hard work. If you take the time to do this, your value at work as an employee will drastically increase. Here are the 5 work skills you can always improve:

Typing WPM

It’s always a good skill to be able to type fast. If you are serious about improving this skill, try typing simple sentences over and over again so you really become comfortable with the act of typing. Eventually, you will be able to move on to more complex sentences. You can easily work on this whenever you are in the 10-minute “waiting on someone or something” mode.


If you get the chance to improve your vocabulary, do it. One of the easiest ways is to have a dictionary app or website nearby when you’re working. If someone says a word you don’t know, do not just write it off. Take the time to look it up and make a note of what that new word means. If you glance over your notes every day, you will be able to increase your vocabulary in no time.

Cold Calling Tactics

If you regularly are turned down when you make a cold call, you still have some practice to do. Try different variations of the cold call script and make notes of what changes worked and what changes didn’t work. When you start keeping track of your calls, you’ll be able to see patterns forming, which will make you that much more effective in the future.

Customer Service

You can never be too good at customer service. Challenge yourself by taking on strenuous or difficult tasks with customers. This will force you to develop patience and problem-solving skills that can be applied to conflicts of any kind, whether personal or work-related.


The more organized you are, the more efficient you will be in your work life. Once again, when you have a few minutes of wait time, make use of it. Take time to tidy up your desk or workspace. Even if the workspace is shared, you and your co-workers will benefit from the organization and resulting productivity.

Developing these skills can be incorporated in your workday work for maximum effectiveness. Here at Award Staffing, we say, “Just do it.” Need a job or job change? Contact Award Staffing. We will be able to use these work skills as selling points to prospective employers who may need your services in the future.