Why Showing up Early for Work Pays Off

It’s no secret that showing up to work early is a good thing. You’ve probably heard it countless times from people giving you advice about interviews or other obligations. But really, why is it so important? Here’s why you should always show up early to work.

You Won’t Start Your Shift Stressed.

If you’re rushing to work, your energy is going to carry over into your shift, and you’ll be stressed out the rest of the day. If you give yourself an extra ten to fifteen minutes to chill and decompress before your shift, you’ll find that it’ll have a profound impact on your day and how you feel at the end of it.

Your Supervisors Will Notice.

If you are showing up early regularly, you better believe that your supervisors are going to notice. This diligence could result in receiving more attention, being offered more responsibilities, or even receiving a promotion. Either way, these are all great things to have a supervisor consider you for in the workplace.

You Can Help Others

If you show up early to work, there’s no telling what might need to be done at that exact time. But, the chances are pretty good that someone else in your office or workplace will need some help. By arriving early, you’ll have the luxury of being able to offer them that and start your shift on time.

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How to Be an Exceptional Supervisor

It pays to be an exceptional supervisor. First of all, you will foster better relationships with your employees, which will lead to higher-quality work. Second of all, you will get much more satisfaction out of your job on a daily basis as you will know you’re putting in your full effort. Here’s how to be an exceptional supervisor:

Take the Strengths of Your Employees into Account.

An exceptional supervisor sees what his or her employees have to offer and tailors the company’s needs to the appropriate staff. This isn’t to say that you should let your employees run the show; however, it does suggest that you need to be aware and cognizant of what your employees can bring to the table. When you do this, they’ll be a lot happier and more likely to get you the results you ultimately need.

Don’t Throw Anyone Under the Bus.

If you need to reprimand an employee, don’t throw them under the bus or reprimand them in front of their other co-workers. An exceptional supervisor finds a way to do the reprimanding privately, so that they’re able to take fully in what is being said in a way that will encourage a behavior shift down the line, without belittling the employee.

Explain and Answer Questions.

Life gets busy. It’s far too easy to skip out on answering a question because you can just take care of it yourself. If you have the time to answer questions and explain concepts, you’re essentially training your workforce to be completely independent and self-sufficient. This is the hallmark of being an excellent supervisor, as you don’t want to micro-manage them; rather, you want to shape and gently guide them along the way.

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How to Successfully Navigate a Career Change

You’ve decided to change careers. Good for you, but don’t forget these important steps to help you on the way.  Now don’t get stressed – it’s not as complicated as it may initially seem if you do the planning and know the necessary measures you need to take to successfully navigate a career change.

Do the Research.

Take some time to research and discover everything you need to accomplish – from education to deadlines and dates which are relevant to your career change.

Though this step may seem tedious, it never hurts to be too prepared.

Sign Up for Applicable Education.

Depending on what you’re going to be changing your career to, you may or may not need to go back to school or receive a professional certificate or license. In your research process, you should have been able to find more information about those requirements, so you’ll know if this applies to you or not.

Start Looking for New Jobs.

Even if you’re still in the beginning phases of switching careers, you should start looking for new jobs as soon as possible. The reason for this is because you want to know what the job market is like when you are ready for a new job. Plus, it’ll give you an end goal to accomplish as you start on your new and exciting path.

Finally, contact Award Staffing. We help people make career changes every week. We will be able to recommend jobs for you that would fit in well with your new line of work but also take into account your past career and experiences.


Why You Should Always Check References

When you’re interviewing candidates for a job, you may find that many of them will provide you with references from their last job. While it may be easy to skip over them, you should always check references and here’s why:

You May Uncover Some Important Information.

A lot of employees will submit references and think that the employer will never check them. One of the most important reasons why you should check references is so that you don’t leave anything uncovered. If any of your employees had a bad incident or history, that’s something you’ll want and need to know about from a safety and smart hiring standpoint.

You Will Trust Your Employees More.

When you can verify that potential employees are exactly who they proclaims they are, you will trust them more. With more trust comes the ability to give your employees increased duties that will ultimately take the burden off of you.

You’ll Learn More About Your Employees.

Use this as a way to find out more about your employees that you weren’t able to find out in the interview. You can ask questions about their past employment history, how they performed their specific duties, and whether or not they were a team player. People often find it hard to talk about themselves in a positive manner, so this will be a good way to get the full picture painted.

If you have been checking references and don’t have any solid candidate options, contact Award Staffing. We will be able to recommend candidates for you, with pre-checked references, who would be a good fit for your team.


Start Preparing for Summer Hires Now

If you own a small business, you will likely need additional help for the summer.  The best way to be able to handle this is to have a high-quality team of summer employees, and that should be done now. Here’s how you can start preparing for summer hires now:

Put Out Job Postings.

If you put out job postings right now, you will be able to beat out the other companies in the same field who also need to hire extra help for the summer. Many companies don’t start thinking about this until May, which means that a lot of the eligible candidates have already been snapped up. By posting early, you’ll give yourself that many more options.

Contact Local Colleges.

It’s an ideal situation to hire an employee who is on break for the summer because you know you won’t have an issue with the summer contract ending. You could always reach out to local colleges with a job posting, so you hire those types of people with flexible schedules. Plus, you will have students who are in college and, therefore, are most likely dedicated and driven.

Prepare Your Current Employees. 

You will need to prepare your current employees for summer hires. This means letting them know about updated schedules, policies, and new employees. By doing this, you will hopefully ease any tension or difficulty that will arise from hiring summer hires. This will reduce the amount of time that is spent during the training process so that your new summer hires can get right to work.

If you are looking for summer hires, contact Award Staffing. We have experience with hiring short-term, seasonal employees that will be a good fit for your business.