How to Avoid Summer Employee Burnout

Many employees are susceptible to employee burnout during the summertime. This can be attributed to several different reasons such as hot weather, reduced concentration, and a desire to travel or have fun with friends and family. As the business owner, it’s your job to make sure your employees avoid summer burnout. Here’s how you can avoid summer employee burnout:

Remind Employees to Stay Hydrated.

Staying hydrated in the workplace during the summer is crucial to avoiding summer employee burnout. If you have employees who are working outside or in hot environments, they are especially susceptible to summer employee burnout. One way you can remind your employees to stay hydrated is to schedule regular water breaks, so your employees remember to take the time to drink. You can even provide cool water for them so they don’t have to worry about finding a water source and can go back to work quicker.

Encourage Employees to Take Vacation

Many employees get burned out during the summer because they need a vacation. Summer is a natural time for the body to want a vacation: it’s warm out, kids are out of school, and summertime laziness is at an all-time high. While you can’t have all your summertime employees taking a vacation at once, you can make an effort to encourage them to take turns taking one to two weeks off to refresh and get rested. Of course, be sure to hire Award Staffing temps to pick up the slack from vacationing employees!

Change Up Job Duties and Responsibilities.

Some employees will get burned out during the summer because they haven’t had many variations in their job duties or responsibilities throughout the rest of the year. You could always use summer as a way to test the abilities of loyal employees who have proved they are hard workers and eager to learn. For example, you could have a cashier try working on the sandwich line, or you could have a pediatric nurse try working in the geriatrics department. As long as you’re monitoring their growth and progress, this could be an exciting way to remedy employee burnout.
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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Background Checks

Background checks can be a tricky subject. Some employers require them, whereas others feel that they can be a breach of trust. When done properly, a background check can serve as a great way to preserve the integrity of your workforce and ensure that the hires you’re making are consistent with the rest of your team and company’s values. Here’s why you shouldn’t skip background checks:

Knowledge is Power

The more you know about the team you’re putting together, the better. While background checks can be a time-consuming process, it’s essential to know who you are hiring exactly and what you should be made aware of in the onboarding process. For example, if a new hire has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, you should know what that was and the circumstances surrounding it, so you can make the best decision for your company as to whether or not that new hire is the right fit.

Skipping Background Checks Can Be Costly

Background checks exist for a reason: to make sure you don’t hire someone who is going to hurt you, your company, your company’s reputation, or your employees. If you don’t do a background check, you could end up hiring someone who has some of those intentions and/or runs your business into the ground. While conducting a background check isn’t cheap, think about the costs associated with hiring a corrupt individual who can do so much more damage on his or her own.

Can Improve the Seriousness of the Applicants

One way you can make background checks efficient for your company is if you tell hires that their hire is contingent on them being able to pass a background check. This improves the seriousness of the applicants for several reasons. First of all, if a person has a big enough concern that s/he wouldn’t pass a background check, s/he likely wouldn’t apply out of fear that s/he would make it to the final interview stage and then not be offered the job. Second of all, it shows that you take pride in your company and the employees you hire, so they will be much more apt to take the entire interviewing process more seriously and only come to you when they are ready to be a responsible, hard-working employee.

Once you see the value in performing background checks, your interview process will run much smoother because your interview process will have a type of pre-qualification process put in place. If you need help from a staffing agency to make those initial connections with potential employees, contact Award Staffing.

How to Reduce Pre-Interview Jitters

Nervous before your job interview? Don’t worry; it’s normal. Reducing the appearance of your pre-interview jitters, however, will increase the possibility that the company will hire you. Try these tips.

Don’t Drink Coffee Before the Interview

Most people are coffee drinkers, who tend to have one to two cups of coffee in the morning to jumpstart their day. We’re telling you: don’t do it. Caffeine exacerbates anxiety, and it’s one of the worst things you can consume if you’re trying to get yourself to calm down and not be nervous. If you do need something to wake you up on the morning of the interview, try going for a jog or sipping on an herbal beverage (like tea) that is low in caffeine. It might take a little getting used to, but you will find that your nerves will provide you with more than enough energy. Skip the caffeine!

Listen to Calming Music

Studies reveal that music plays a significant role in our mood and emotions. In fact, upbeat music will get your heart beating a lot faster than your resting heart rate, which will be harder to deal with when you’re trying to calm down. If you want to walk into your interview with a calm demeanor, try listening to acoustic or classical music fifteen or twenty minutes before your interview. You will feel your heart rate slow down, which your chances of walking into the interview calm, collected, and ready to go.

Review Your Resume

Interviews can be stressful because of the pressure associated with sitting across from another person who is grilling you about your accomplishments and skills. Even though you know what you’ve done and what skills you possess, you may find yourself tripping over your words if you’re nervous. One way to combat this is to review your resume right before going in the interview. If nothing else, it will give you a series of talking points to hit while answering questions so you can steer the conversation more toward where you want it to go.

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Why You Should Interview at Multiple Places at Once

Looking for a job? Great; start interviewing places! But, it’s not as easy as just doing one interview and being done. Finding the right job for you, can mean interviewing at multiple places at once and here’s why:

You Will Be Able to Compare and Contrast.

Different companies operate in different ways, and when you’re interviewing for jobs, it’s important for you to be able to compare and contrast so you can figure out which job or position is the best fit for you. Maybe the title you want at one company doesn’t have as much responsibility as it does at another company. By interviewing at multiple places at once, you will be able to make direct comparisons between different jobs and positions while they are all still fresh in your mind so you can make the best decision for yourself.

You Will Have More Practice.

It never hurts to practice, and there’s no better way to practice interviews than when you’re in an actual job interview. You can run through practice questions with friends and family all you want, but it’s hard to recreate the pressure associated with job interviews unless you’re actually in one. You will likely find that you are much more confident after going on a series of interviews, which can only help your chances at landing the job you want.

You Will Have More Options from Which to Choose.

The more jobs you interview for; the more options you’ll have. You won’t have to make a choice out of desperation or need; rather, you will be able to make the decision based off of what is right for you at this moment in time and what will advance your career the most. To make the most of this, you can even interview for jobs in multiple fields or categories so as to make your options portfolio that much more diverse.

Now that you see the benefit of interviewing multiple places at once, you need to figure out where those places are going to be. Need assistance? Contact Award Staffing. We specialize in helping job-seekers figure out the best jobs for which he/she should interview.