Prevent Getting “Hangry” on the Job

Hunger is no joke; it’s proven that being hungry sours one’s mood and productivity. Some people refer to hunger-induced anger as “hanger,” and its negative effects are long-proven in the workplace. Here are some ways to keep yourself from getting hangry on the job:


Eat Protein-Rich Foods.

Protein is necessary to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day, so replace your carb-heavy munchies with high-protein snacks. Even pairing carbs with protein makes a difference, so get that protein and prevent blood sugar crashes.

Have a Snack Every 2-3 Hours.

Another way to keep your blood sugar stable is to eat every 2-3 hours. It’s easy to forget to eat during the day, especially if you’re busy. If you’re prone to forgetfulness regarding your snack schedule, set an alarm so you can step away to have your snack.

Avoid Sugary Sodas and Juices.

While you might get a quick “energy boost” from soda or juice, this is exactly the opposite of what you need to help you avoid hanger. When you have soda or juice, your blood sugar will rise immediately . . . only to crash a few hours later. If you need something to sip on during the day, try water or unsweetened iced tea. Your blood sugar will thank you!

We hope you benefitted from this Award Staffing Tip. It’s just one of the ways we show that we care. Contact us today. We will help place you with a job that respects your personal boundaries and needs and wants to ensure that you have achieved an optimal well-being.

The Importance of Phone Screening Candidates

If you are currently in the middle of hiring new employees for your company, but discovering that the entire recruiting process takes a long time – too long. Pre-screening candidates by phone can help reduce the time factor. Here’s why:

You Won’t Waste Your Time.

Holding in-person interviews is an extremely time-consuming process. You need to have someone on-site directing the candidates, one or more additional employees conducting the interviews, and another managing the paperwork. Don’t spend the time and cost involved only to discover the candidate is ineligible when you could have easily determined that via a phone interview. Narrow the pool to a few great choices before you begin in-person interviews.

They Can Gauge Your Level of Commitment.

When you conduct a phone interview with a potential candidate, they can gauge your level of commitment. Not all companies take the added step of pre-qualifying candidates before they get to meet the team, so it will be a good indicator for your applicants that you take adding members to your workforce very seriously. They will also be able to ask you questions so they don’t waste their time applying for a job that wouldn’t be a good fit for them.

You Can Prepare Them for the In-Person Interview.

If you conduct phone interviews with potential candidates, you can easily prepare them for the in-person interview. For example, you can use the phone interview as a basic screening, but employ more advanced interview tactics and hypothetical situations during the actual interview. Doing the phone pre-screening allows you to get the essential questions answered so you can focus on whether or not that candidate is a good fit for your company, specifically.

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How to Know When to Leave a Job

Leaving a job is no easy feat, especially if you’ve been working there for a long time. There are a few central signs you should follow to determine whether or not it’s finally time to leave your job:

You’re Bored.

This is probably the most tell-tale sign that you need to leave your job. If you’re bored, you are no longer getting the multitude of benefits associated with having a job besides just collecting a paycheck. A job should be stimulating, engaging, and inspiring. If you don’t have those feelings for your job anymore (but once used to), it may be time to say goodbye and to look for a new opportunity.

The Company No Longer Needs You.

Sometimes, it’s possible that a person works at a company for so long that they outgrow that specific job. For example, if you were one of the sole employees and used to wear multiple hats, but now only do a fourth of the tasks you once did, you might feel as though the company no longer needs you. This is not a good feeling to have, even though there’s a good chance that it could be true. Perhaps it’s time to look for more challenging work.

You Want to Use Different Skills.

If you want to use different skills and your employer isn’t giving you the opportunity to use them, you might need to look for a different job. You’re supposed to be able to grow and learn throughout the course of your career, so it’s perfectly normal to want to find a new job or change careers if you’re not receiving that stimulation at work.

Looking for a new job but don’t know where to start?  Contact Award Staffing. We will be able to help you find a new job that will be a seamless transition from your old one, leaving you feeling more fulfilled, happy, and productive.