Start Looking for Summer Internships Now

Though it may seem early to do so, it’s a good idea to start looking for summer internships now. It may take you a while to find one, but there’s more than one reason to search now instead of later.

Beat the Competition

Most people won’t apply for summer internships until right about the time when college semesters end for the summer. By applying early, you will be beating the competition because you’ll be putting yourself out there earlier for hiring managers. We’ve all heard the saying about the early bird catching the worm, and it rings particularly true in this circumstance.

Plan Your Schedule

If you wait to apply for summer internships, you’ll have to wait to hear back, which means that your summer will effectively be in limbo. By applying now, you’ll hopefully secure your internship sooner, which means that you will be able to plan out your schedule. This can be helpful if you want to schedule any vacations or get another job in addition to your internship.

Have More Choice

The earlier you start looking, the more choices you will have. Some internships may have special deadlines, and some internships might fill up as soon as they’ve found their one or two summer interns. By applying as early as possible, you’re ensuring that you have as many choices as possible and can work to find a perfect fit for you.

If you need help securing a summer internship, contact Award Staffing. We can help you find an internship that will ultimately advance your career goals and direct you on the right path. We can also help you find an internship that is a good fit for your current schedule and specific skills.

Why You Should Prioritize Candidate Referrals

Hiring can be a tricky, expensive process that can either have great results or disastrous results for your company. Whenever possible, try to prioritize candidate referrals over any other type of applicant – here’s why.

Rely on Other People’s Experiences

The great thing about relying on candidate referrals is that other people have already done the pre-vetting for you. When someone is referred to you, that person is putting their reputation on the line for doing so. This increases your chance of securing a high-quality candidate.

Accurate Character References  

When someone is referred, you can rest easy knowing that their character references are more accurate. It’s one thing for a candidate to refer to himself or herself as being responsible and timely; it’s another thing for a former employer to confirm that an employee actually is responsible and timely.

Less Costly to Do So

It’s expensive to hire candidates, especially if they don’t work out for your company in the long run. When someone is referred to you, it’s safer to assume that they are looking for a long-term position and will be a “good hire.” By eliminating individuals who are only looking for short-term gain, you will ultimately find yourself saving money.

If you’re looking to hire reputable employees for your company, contact Award Staffing. We will refer candidates who have excellent references that we have personally hand-verified for you. We will make sure that the candidate who joins your team is nothing short of what you are seeking.

Why You Should Use Digital Time Keeping


If you’re an employer, chances are that you’re constantly evaluating the effectiveness of your workplace policies and solutions to make sure that everything is running seamlessly. One facet of the workplace that employers often forget to improve, however, is the concept of the timecard. Have you considered the benefit of going digital?

Less Room for Error

When you work with paper timecards, there is room for error in the sense that employees can mistakenly (or purposely) mess with the hours they worked. This can lead to inaccurate pay, which can ultimately wreak havoc on your employee’s payroll and overall business budget. When you go digital, everything is recorded and calculated automatically, so there is no room for error.

Have More Control Over Your Employees

When you use digital time cards, you can see when your employees punch in for work as opposed to when they say they arrived at work. This allows you to have more control over your employees, as they will ultimately be more responsible for their actions and will not be able to rely on excuses or fabricating times to receive their pay.

Keep a Record

When you use digital time cards, it’s much easier for you to keep a record. This means that you can go back and look at backdated time logs to see patterns and habits of your employees who came in for work. This is much easier and much more organized than using paper time cards because there is so much more potential for those records to be misplaced.

If you are in need of hiring new employees who are responsible and won’t be late for or miss their shifts, contact Award Staffing. We have a wide database of individuals who would make excellent employees and who would do your company proud.

How to Write an Amazing Cover Letter

Many jobs ask you to supply a cover letter when you apply, so how are you going to stand out from everyone else? The easiest way to do so is to have an amazing cover letter; here’s our advice on how to do just that.

Have Interesting Experience

This is simple enough: have an interesting experience. If you have the same experience as everyone else, how are you going to stand out? Some ideas for how you can build interesting experience include traveling, volunteering, or starting your own side hustle. You’d be amazed at how quickly the cover letter writes itself if you have enough to say!

Be Specific

Don’t be vague; your cover letter is your chance to show that specific company why you want to work for them more than any other company. You can accomplish this by using keywords and mentioning skills that match the job description of the position you are seeking. Include the strengths you will be bringing to the company – again, focus on strengths that match the position. If you know a company employee, drop their name into the letter if appropriate. Many people will just submit the same cover letter for every job, so by personalizing, you will stand out.

Have it Proofread

No matter how good of a writer you think you are, you still need to have your cover letter proofread. Even if there are no grammatical mistakes, it’s always a good idea to have a third party read it over to inform you of what you may be missing in your letter. For example, your proofreader could point out that you completely forgot to mention your education, because you were so fixated on talking about your work experience.

If you have a great cover letter written but need help finding jobs, contact Award Staffing. We can look at your cover letter and resume and help you determine what jobs would be the best fit for you at this point in your career.