Is it a Good Idea to Work With Friends?

Is it a Good Idea to Work With Friends?

When you’re searching for jobs, it may be tempting to work at a Minnesota company at which you have one or more friends employed. However, working with friends can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you handle yourself. Here are the situations you need to should be aware of when working with friends:

Only one of you receives a promotion-

If you are working with friends, it could be that either you or your friend gets a promotion even if the other doesn’t. While this seems like it would be easy to be happy for the other person and just move on, that’s usually not how it works. Make sure you’re aware that this is a possibility; it wouldn’t hurt to discuss what you and your friend would do if you were in that situation.

You distract each other-

Because you are friends, it would be natural to want to talk to your friend like you usually do. You need to be aware that you can both distract each other and should try to make a concerted effort not to do so. If you think it would be too much of a problem, you might need work in different areas or even companies.

Both friends are promoted-

High-achieving people typically associate themselves with other high-achieving people. If this is the case, you and your friend could help each other out so much that you would eventually both be promoted. If you have a good synergy with a friend who works for a company that is hiring, this is an option worth exploring.

One or both of you gets demoted/fired-

It is a possibility that both friends could be fired due to reduced productivity, illegal activities, or a decline in customer service. Make sure you and your friend discuss the possibility of one or both being fired if something goes wrong. Choose in advance to refrain from holding the other person accountable for your errors or misfortune. With all this information, you should be able to make a good decision whether or not you should work with friends. Though this will vary from person to person, you know yourself and your professional goals best, so keep these in mind.

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Minnesota Nice is Customer Service at Its Best

Minnesota Nice is Customer Service at Its Best

Customer service is often a thankless job that gets a lot of attention if it isn’t performed correctly but usually is unrewarded when executed right. If you want to make an impact on a customer, you need to go above and beyond to provide that experience for them. Here are some tips about how to be the best at customer service:


While this seems simple, many people underestimate the value of a smile. Your customers have likely had a stressful day, and just smiling at them before you interact with them can change their entire mood for the better. Once you have set the mood to provide a good experience, you can move on to some of the other steps that will make you a customer service pro.

Compliment Them

Compliment your customers. Most likely, this will throw them off – many of your customers will be in a hurry or frazzled or in the middle of something else. By complimenting them, you are forcing them to be present to reflect on the compliment you have paid them. It’s essential that the compliment is not forced or a lie because this will show in the way you deliver your compliment. By providing a real compliment, you will make their day and encourage them to have a moment of relaxation before heading back into their busy day.

Ask if They Need Help Before They Need It-

The number one way to be a pro at customer service is to anticipate and ask if they need help before they need it. For example, if you see a customer ordering four drinks, go ahead and get out that drink holder for them before they have to come back to you and ask for it. By anticipating the needs of your customer before they realize it, you’re reducing the number of problems they may have, but you’re also displaying thoughtfulness, which is the hallmark of customer service.

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Looking For a Job in The Twin Cities Here’s How to Find It

Looking For a Job in The Twin Cities? Here’s How to

Where you decide to work is an important decision. You will spend one-third or more of your life at your job, and it will grow with you as you grow in your career. Of course, you want to find the best-fitting job, but this is often easier said than done. Here’s how you can find the perfect job for you today:

Perfect your Resume-

Your resume essentially will serve as the template on which your job search is based. Before you can successfully find your ideal job, you need to make sure your resume is in tip-top shape. Polishing your resume will make you stand out amongst others.

Contact a Staffing Agency-

Contacting a staffing agency is a great option if you want to find the perfect job for you. Staffing agencies often know of many job opportunities you may not have even considered. Also, a staffing agency will be able to help you determine what is available as well as when the timing is right for your unique career goals.

Make a List of Your Wants and Needs-

To find the perfect job, you have to know what you want and need out of a job. Take some time to make a list of what you want out of a job regarding goals, the skillsets you would like to use, and location. Now, compare that with what you need out of a job such as your minimum acceptable pay, experience/training opportunities, or type of work. Once you compare both of these lists, you will have a much better idea of what kind of job is perfect for you.

Prepare for Interviews-

Once you have figured out what type of job is perfect for you, you will need to prepare for your interviews to ensure your chances of job offers. The easiest way to do this is to do your research about your company of interest. When you do this, you will have information to talk about during your interview, and you will be able to reference points of excitement about the company.

If you’ve determined what the perfect job for you is but you’re having a hard time finding available positions, contact Award Staffing. We will take your job requirements as well as your unique skills and talents into consideration so we can help you find that perfect job opportunity in the Twin Cities.

Job Search Confidence Is Vital to Find a Work in Minnesota

Job Search Confidence Is Vital to Find a Work in MN

If you’ve been searching for a new job in Minnesota for some time, it’s often difficult to keep your job searching spirits high. Receiving job rejections can significantly damage your self-esteem, making it more difficult to remain positive about the quality of your resume or your interviewing ability.

The best thing that you can do is to stay confident. Without confidence in your job search, hiring managers may doubt your capabilities, even if your application demonstrations that you have the right combination of skills and experiences to be great in a new job. Here are a few ways how to get start your Minnesota job search with confidence.

Reflect on What You Are Good At-

During your job search, it’s easy to lose focus on your ultimate goals. You tend to focus on the responses you’ve received from companies based on your applications and interviews, ultimately use those experiences as a gauge of your job worth.

Thinking like this means that you are disregarding your previous job successes – destroying your self-esteem. If you are feeling down throughout your job search, take a moment to reflect on your past job achievements, including your work accomplishments and praises. By doing this, you will rid of any defeating thoughts about your job skills and abilities, allowing you to be more confident while job searching.

Wear the Right Clothes-

Believe it or not, the clothes you wear can have a significant impact on your confidence. Nearly every person has an outfit that leaves them feeling like a million dollars, and that they can accomplish anything. If you’re preparing for an interview, select clothing options that make you feel confident. That feeling will carry over as you interview with the hiring manager.

A thing to think about is to make sure your clothes are comfortable. Even the best looking outfits won’t help you radiate confidence if you are not comfortable during the interview. Be mindful of how you feel throughout the interview, if you find yourself crabbing and pulling at the material or feel that your movement is restricted think about choosing something else to wear next time.

Everyone Makes Mistakes-

At some point throughout your job search, you’ll make a mistake. Maybe you forget to send a required document, miss a typo in your resume, or forget an application deadline. Whatever the mistake is, it’s essential to move forward. The key is to consider the error as a learning experience for which you can take action to avoid in the future.

Continually reflecting on a mistake will destroy your confidence, making an occasional error is going to happen. Learn from it and use the experience to help make sure that you do better the next time around.

Even though maintaining confidence throughout toy job search, with some dedication and diligence, you can succeed.

If you are looking for a new job opportunity, the Minneapolis – St Paul-based hiring teams at Award Staffing can help you find work with Minnesota’s leading employers. Contact us today speak with one of our team members to learn more about our current job openings in the Twin Cities.

How Successful Minnesotan’s Use Their Lunch Breaks

How Successful Minnesotan’s Use Their Lunch Breaks

Most employees don’t utilize their lunch breaks effectively. Many people find the time slipping by them as they essentially “wait” to return to work. While you don’t have to make all of your lunch breaks productive, it is best if you can assign purpose and meaning to them. Here’s how to use your lunch break effectively.

Take Time to Relax-

You don’t always have to be on-the-go. If you want to use your lunch break to relax, that’s a perfectly reasonable way to do so. Try to make your relaxation as intentional and mindful as possible. That means that you tell yourself that lunch is for relaxing. When you do so, you will become much more appreciative of the time and activities you are doing. When you return to work, you will be that much more productive because you will have keen mental clarity.

Try Exercising-

If you are too tired to squeeze in the gym before or after work, use your lunch break to exercise. If you have an hour lunch and there’s a nearby gym, you could always lift weights or do some cardio for a half hour and then take a quick shower. If you’re on the 30-minute plan and there aren’t facilities nearby, you could take a walk or a run around your building area. As long as it gets your heart rate up and moving, it counts.

Work on Personal Development-

You likely have other hobbies or passions that you’re pursuing alongside your job. Use your lunch break to work on your personal development. If you like drawing, take some time to do a few sketches before you head back to work. Read a book or link to a teaching web about your passion. Being intentional about personal growth always pays off over time You will find that your days and weeks will be much more productive if you use your lunch breaks effectively.

Are you searching for a new job opportunity in Minnesota, Contact Award Staffing. We will be able to help you find a job that will give you the time you need during the day to be productive and effective.

How Minnesota Workers Stay Organized at Their Job

How Minnesota Workers Stay Organized at Their Job

Organization is one of the most important skills you can develop as an employee. If you are organized, you will be more productive, proactive, and responsible for everyday duties. Employers place high-value employees who are organized because they are dependable. Consider the following tips for organization at work:

Make a Task List-

Every day, make a task list with what you need to accomplish that day. This list can be in your head, but many people find it helpful to write their daily tasks down so they can see what still needs to be done toward the end of the day.

Create Specific Goals-

It’s hard to stay organized and caught up with your tasks when you are expected to accomplish several lofty goals in a constrained period. Create specific goals for what you need to do so you can manage your time more effectively and be realistic about what you can accomplish.

Check in with Yourself Throughout the Day-

It’s easy to be distracted from whatever task you are completing, which can often lead to reduced productivity and time management. Check in with yourself throughout the day to remain organized and on track to achieving all of your tasks. This could be a mental check-in every few hours, or it could be a peek at your task list to make sure you are not straying too far from what needs to be done.

Prepare for the Next Day Before Leaving-

No matter how eager you are to get home at the end of a long day’s work, always prepare for the next day before you leave. This will prevent you from having to remember what you did the previous day when you arrive at work in the morning. This simple task will take you five minutes at the end of each day but will save you hours throughout your week. Organization can mean the difference between mediocre and excellent. It will gain you recognition and respect among your coworkers and from your supervisors.

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How Minnesota Workers Lose Jobs Due To Social Media

How Minnesota Workers Lose Jobs Due To Social Media

Social media is a necessary evil that has transcended into all areas of both professional and personal life. When used in the right way, social media is a great tool that can help you connect with significant people in your life. However, there are social media blunders that could cost you your job:

Posting Inappropriate Pictures-

You’ve gone out for a night with your friends, and somehow inappropriate pictures have surfaced on your social media profiles. While this does happen from time to time, you need to make an effort to monitor your social media profiles to make sure nothing inappropriate happens without your permission. If you are posting a picture of underage drinking, this could cause you to lose your job because it’s illegal.

Commenting with Inappropriate Language-

If you post inappropriate language frequently on social media, this could put your job at risk. The reason is that employers don’t want a bad reflection on their company. Many times, if you’re publicly associated with the company, this can be the sole reason you’re fired or let go in conjunction with using inappropriate language.

Posting Negative Comments About Your Job-

Some people take to social media to complain about their job. This is a bad practice, because not only can other people see it, but your employers can also see it. Why would your employers want to keep a negative employee around, especially if they know they hate their job? If you do need to complain about your job, do it in a private atmosphere with trusted friends or family instead. If you are mindful of the way you use social media, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a job that wants to continue employing you on a regular basis.

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Ever Showed Up to Work Early Here’s Why you Should

Ever Showed Up to Work Early? Here’s Why You Should

It’s no secret that is showing up to work early is a good thing. You’ve probably heard it countless times from people giving you advice about interviews or other obligations. But really, why is it so important? Here’s why you should always show up early to work.

You Won’t Start Your Shift Stressed-

If you’re rushing to work, your energy is going to carry over into your shift, and you’ll be stressed out the rest of the day. If you give yourself an extra ten to fifteen minutes to chill and decompress before your shift, you’ll find that it’ll have a profound impact on your day and how you feel at the end of it.

Your Supervisors Will Notice-

If you are showing up early regularly, you better believe that your supervisors are going to notice. This diligence could result in receiving more attention, being offered more responsibilities, or even earning a promotion. Either way, these are all great things to have a supervisor consider you for in the workplace.

You Can Help Others-

If you show up early to work, there’s no telling what might need to be done at that exact time. But, the chances are pretty good that someone else in your office or workplace will need some help. By arriving early, you’ll have the luxury of being able to offer them that and start your shift on time.

If you’re an early bird who needs a new job, contact Award Staffing. We will be able to highlight your responsibility and sense of employee pride to prospective employers, finding you a new job opportunity where you can put these tips to good use.

How to Get Ready for Your New Job in the Twin Cities

How to Get Ready for Your New Job in the Twin Cities

If you’ve recently graduated from high school or college, now may be the time for you to get your first job. If you’ve never had a job before, there are quite a few things you need to do in preparation. Not only do you need to make yourself employable, but you also need to take several steps to make sure that you’re ready.

Get Your Resume Ready-

Before you apply to jobs, you will need to get your resume ready. This means that you will need to take the time to format it and update everything regarding your past work experiences and education. If you need help, make sure you have someone look over the resume to spot any mistakes or errors.

Secure Your References-

Before you start applying for jobs, you need to secure professional references. The easiest way to do this is to ask people you trust, such as former coaches, teachers, or other professionals. Let them know that they should be expecting a call from any future employers so that they aren’t caught off guard and can speak professionally to your character.

Clear Your Schedule-

Make sure you clear your schedule! You’re going to need enough time to apply for jobs, attend interviews, and start working! If you’re not used to working full-time (or even part-time), this part of the job-seeking process will likely be an adjustment for you.

Award Staffing is here to help you.  We will be able to guide you through the job seeking process and recommend you for several different jobs opportunities for which you are a good fit. Contact us today. Want to learn more career tips and tricks – check our When Work Works blog.

How to Find the Perfect Job in Minnesota

How to Find the Perfect Job in Minnesota

Whether you are new in the employment field or wanting to make a career change, choosing the best career path for you can often be a challenge. There are many factors to take into account before you decide. Following these tips will help ensure that your choice not only results in rewarding work but also brings overall career well-being and happiness.

Determine Your Skillset-

Every person has a unique set of skills, with some skills stronger than other skills. In other words, “What are you good at?” In order to assess this, think about specific tasks or skills that come easily to you. What types of activities do your friends and family ask for your help? Though this might be hard to conceptualize at first, the more you think about it, the more you will be able to formulate some thoughts behind this.

Analyze Your Interests-

Often, what you’re good at and what you’re interested in are two very different things. You might be good at math and science, but you’re passionate about fashion and music. When you’re figuring out what your interests are, think about how you spend your time when you aren’t making money and when you don’t have anything else to do. Often, these reflect your true interests.

Brainstorm Ways Your Skillsets and Interests Intersect-

The perfect career for you lies at the intersection of your skillsets and your interests. It’s a good idea to make a side-by-side list of your skillsets and interests so you can start to compare and contrast them. When you see both of these next to each other, you will start generating more ideas of how they can be combined to help you transition into your perfect career option.

Make an Action Plan-

If you are truly serious about finding the perfect career for you, it’s time to make an action plan. This can be as simple as writing down a list of ideas or goals that you would like to accomplish or as complicated as signing up for an educational program. Whatever you decide to, make sure that you neatly organize your goals, and then stick to them in order to achieve the best possible results.

If you want to make the switch to find your next job opportunitycontact Award Staffing. We can help you assess your unique skill set and interests to help you figure out the career path of your choice. Once you decide on that career path, we will be able to match you up with relevant employers who can help you fulfill those goals. check our When Work Works blog.