3 Ways How to Become Unemployable in Minnesota

People always talk about the traits and qualities you need to help you find a job, but what about the other way around?  Here are three traits to avoid.

A Bad Attitude-

Having a bad attitude makes you unemployable because people won’t want to work with around you. If you have a bad attitude and your coworkers, boss, and other clients don’t like spending time with you, they’re not going to be very motivated to keep you around. Having a bad attitude could include being grumpy, lazy, or entitled. If you feel like you’re acting this way at all, it would do you well to try to change your attitude.

Lying, Stealing, or Cheating-

Lying, stealing, and cheating are all pretty unforgivable offenses in the workplace. The principal reason being that you won’t be trustworthy in the eyes of your superiors. How are they supposed to trust you with important tasks if it’s proven that you don’t valuable company time, property, or values?

Bad References-

If you’ve ever wronged a boss or superior, you may find yourself having a hard time getting a new job if you list them as a reference.   If you have poor references, dig for the references who can speak to another side of your character (and act accordingly) to increase your chance of being employed by another company in the future.

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Why a Crappy Attitude Doesn’t Work for Minnesota Nice

We get it – there are times we can even we tell that our own attitudes have seen better days.  Maybe it was because of a long project or trying to survive the long Minnesota winters has taken more out of us than we realized.  No matter the cause, it is possible to make yourself feel happier!

An attitude update is a great way to evaluate what is and what isn’t working for you right here, right now, and making efforts to change for the positive.  Here are three tips if you would like to update your negative attitude to a more positive one.

Become More Organized –

Most people don’t understand how it is necessary to think of how positivity affects their attitude.

Try giving yourself a chance to go from disordered to structured can do wonders for the psyche.  Being organized can help limit stress.  Instead of digging through piles of paperwork and your desk drawers, you understand exactly where everything is.  And it may help save you time too, which would make anyone happier.

Prioritize Your Commitments –

Now that you are organized, it is time to take an in-depth look at what obligations you have are most important.  Trying hard to fulfill our commitments by asking for extensions and making excuses for unfinished tasks does nothing but create stress.  However, many individuals have difficulty saying “no” when approached with a project that is new when they know they can’t meet the deadline.

Instead of saying “yes” to everything that comes your way, do not be afraid to exercise your right to say”no” if appropriate. This isn’t a way to do less at work but a tactic to better manage tasks that are not essential to being successful.  Try not to feel pressured to volunteer for work you cannot complete within a specific timeframe. Instead, concentrate on the work responsibilities that matter most to your success, when it fits into your calendar, then only take on more.

Take Responsibility –

No, we are not encouraging you to take control of your team or department.  There is an essential part of your work life that you can take control of, and that’s your personal development.  If you have career goals that you strive for and have not been able to take action on them, look to do something about it.

Whether you choose to learn something new, improve your work skills, or search for a more challenging job opportunity – the key is to set a goal that you value and appreciate.  Doing this is bound to help to become happier and have a more positive attitude.

If you have tried the above items but realize that it is your current work environment that is keeping you down, then reach out into one of the recruiters at Award Staffing to find the right job opportunity for you.  Contact us today and lets us help you explore where your career can go when you have the right workday attitude.

Want to be a Superior Worker? Start Your Days Like This

While work takes up a sizable part of the majority of people’s lives – no matter the work environment we all want to be successful and strive to be a good worker. Regardless of pay, job title, pay, gender, or age, all good employees share some common traits. Here are 7 ways to turn yourself into a great worker:

1. Creating and Accomplish Goals –

Companies want to see job seekers show their ability to work hard. Individuals who are looking for a job that set high goals for themselves indicate to highering managers a willingness to do more than just showing up and be a warm body.

2. Be Dependable –

What does being dependable tell a possible employer? Candidates who demonstrate a commitment to completing tasks on time, as assigned, will likely continue to do so as employees.

3. Be Positive –

A positive attitude goes a long way for individual employees and their coworkers. It is simple – a positivity attitude leads to a more productive workday, ultimately creating a better work environment.

Helpful Hint – Good workers always stand out for their upbeat outlook and earn positive reputations.

4. Motivate Yourself –

Believe it or not, hiring managers look for job seekers who take the initiative and get work done with little to no help. By being self-motivated, you are telling a prospective employer that you are confident and that you perform any task that is handed to you.

5. Work Well With Others –

Think about great coworkers that you have worked with in the past. Do they work well with others? Did they work well in a team setting? Hiring managers look for team-oriented job seekers because companies accomplish more when people work as teams, not just individuals.

6. Be an Excellent Communicator –

Good employees understand how things can go wrong when a message is miscommunicated or not entirely understood. A good worker will know what their preferred methods of communication.

7. Be Flexible –

A good employee will not fight change, but instead, embrace it and adapt to it. Try to pick up new skills and learn new tasks. In the long run, this shows that you are willing to do what is best for any business.

Need some help?  Contact Award Staffing. We will be able to match you up with interviews in your area so you can get the job opportunity you want. We have offices located in Bloomington, Chaska, Crystal, Delano, Maplewood, and Ramsey Minnesota to help you with your job search today! Want to learn more career tips and tricks – check our When Work Works blog.

The Pros and Cons of Job Searching in Minnesota

If you’re out of a job, it is hard to get yourself back on the right track – so make sure to change from job to another only when it is necessary. As a result, before you begin searching for a new job, you want to learn everything you can about possible jobs and the respective employers of those jobs.

Job Searching Ideas

There are infinite reasons to locate a job as quickly as possible in the Minnesota labor market. It’s very rare that you find your ideal job, what most job-seekers don’t do is establish a starting date and a timeline to commit to job searching. Find your right job takes time – don’t become discouraged if you don’t get a call back on a job that you really want.

Before sending your resume to the “million” Minnesota based companies that are hiring, first, research the job which you’re interested in – make sure it is what you’re looking for. Take time to do online job searching to discover what kind of job you want and what type of company you want to work for before making the job switch.

Helpful Hint: Job searching is tough – before actively applying for new jobs take care of yourself.

After you’ve figured out what you’re looking for, develop a job-seeking plan. Begin by telling friends and family, relatives and colleagues which you’re looking for work. It isn’t easy to look for a job, but your connections are a great place to start. Tell everyone you know that you are searching for employment odds are they will know someone who can help, ultimately making your job search more manageable and less stressful.

The Risk of Job Searching for a New Job –

Sure, searching online for a new job might be your very best bet in many instances – it allows you to apply to numerous positions as quickly as possible. Due to record low unemployment, there are a lot of different jobs in Minnesota that you can pursue. With that being said it is commonly recommended that you do not embrace this approach because there is the capability to hurt you landing a future job. Basic steps, such as not on the lookout for jobs on company time and with a personal email address, rather than your work address, can lower the chance of your employer finding out you’re attempting to leave before you are prepared to inform them.

Fast job searches are great when searching for broad search outcomes. After all, searching for employment is very time consuming and doesn’t offer you much chance to consider anything except getting interviews. This is were staffing companies in Minnesota can help. Sometimes referred to as “temp-agencies” help you organizing and structuring your work search – making it a lot easier to land a better job.

We know all too well at Award Staffing that finding the job opportunity you want is different from the job you currently have. Our hiring team is here to help you find that job you want – not the one you don’t. Contact our team today to learn more about why we are one of the Top Places to Work in Minnesota.

Here is why Taking “Any Job” is the Worst Idea EVERY

Have you ever been out of work and uncertain how and where you are going to find a new job? At first, it can seem like a great idea to take any job that comes your way. This is only recommended for those job seekers who are new to or have been out of the workforce for a little while.

However, in all other circumstances, this is a bad career move and the worst idea ever. By just taking any job can hurt your chances of being available for the job opportunity when it finally presents itself. The key is to hold on to for the ideal job that you want! We all have choices in our life – here are some reasons why you don’t have to take any job that is offered to you.

Being out of work doesn’t mean you are not valuable –

In the Minnesota job market, there seems to be a negative connotation about job seekers who are between jobs. The reality is many Twin Cities companies are looking for job seekers who can start immediately. In the Minneapolis – St Paul areas, there are an ample amount of job seekers who are skilled and valuable but have not yet found the right job. By taking any job, you look desperate, and this is a red flag to most Minnesota companies that are hiring.

Helpful Hint: Do not cheapen yourself by taking a less-than-adequate job at this time.

Don’t Diminish your self-esteem –

It is common for anyone who is looking for a job to feel uneasy about finances. This doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your self-respect by taking a job that is below your work experiences, skills, and goals. More times then not during the job hunt, job seekers find temporary work in their area of expertise until they find the job they truly desire. Take advantage of any services and support you can find in a time of need – the key being not to tear yourself down because you are out of work at the moment.

Unable to Interview –

Think about this – will you have time to interview for a better job if you take a low-paying, time-sucking, full-time job just because you think that you have to. This severely hinders your ability to consider one of hundred’s of a job opening in the Twin Cities where you may find a position that pays a higher salary for your experiences and skills.

Right now, don’t make any big decisions. Be open to the possibilities that your career has in store for you.

Award Staffing is an award-winning, locally owned temporary employment agency in the Minneapolis – St Paul area, serving job seekers with offices in Bloomington, Chaska, Crystal, Delano, Maplewood, and Ramsey, Minnesota. If you are looking for part-time, full-time, or temporary work in Minnesota, contact us today!

Here’s the One Question You Need to Ask at Work

During your work life, you are almost guaranteed to encounter a work project that you do not want to do – which can send you into a panic. It doesn’t matter what the reason is; we often see with Minnesota jobs that employees don’t want to partake in a new project or task, not because they don’t want to – but instead because they are confused.

If this has ever happened to you at work, you are in luck – you are not the only one, and this isn’t the end of the world. A solution to avoid this scenario is merely asking the right question; you can get a lot of information without having to directly say that you are confused or not want to do something. Here’s what you need to ask when something at work confuses you.

What is the Greater Goal?

At first glance, this question doesn’t seem like it will give you the answers you directly, but believe it or not it is incredibly useful. Here is what asking this type of question does for you.

Making Connections-

First and foremost, asking this question makes you look like you are actively trying to make connections on how your job fits into the bigger picture of the company. Ultimately this shows your co-workers, boss, and company that you are someone who is continually thinking about the long-term and overall value.

Creating Conversation-

Secondly, it opens an opportunity for conversation with critical individuals in the company to help you to gain essential insights.

In most instances,  managers take time to consider this question before responding. What you are doing is asking you leaders to context to the purpose of the project. If your manager doesn’t entirely know what the greater goal is, it will make your unwillingness to work on the seem appropriate. If this happens, then you have room to ask more questions, giving the opportunity for conversation that helps provide you with expectations or priority.

How This Question Helps-

This one question gives you the chance to understand better why the project is essential to your company. Once you know how it contributes to the larger goal of the company, you may find that getting on-board with something isn’t as challenging.

This approach ultimately helps you make better and well-informed decisions – helping you understand what aligns best with the higher goal of you and the organization.

Are you actively trying to discover the right job opportunity for yourself? Let our hiring team help you gain the clarity you need to find the best job that fits your experiences, skills, and goals. Contact our team today to start your job search in Minneapolis – St Paul metro areas. Looking for others topics of When Work Works – visit or blog for more career tips and tricks.

How to Choose the Best Staffing Agency in Minnesota

Staffing agencies are a great way to find jobs with Minnesota businesses that best suite your needs, skill requirements, and career goals, but how do you find and choose the best one for you? Here are some tips.

Do a Google Search –

The easiest and simplest way to find a staffing agency in your area is to do a Google search. The best way to do this is to simply insert the name of your city or industry your company is in, followed by the term “staffing agency.” For example, if you owned a restaurant in Minnesota, you could input “restaurant staffing agency Minnesota,” You may need to play around with the keywords a little bit, but you will quickly attain results.

Use Word of Mouth –

If you have co-workers, friends or family who have used staffing agencies in the past, ask them the name of the staffing agency they used. Referrals are a great way to find which staffing agency to use because your network will be able to vouch for their past experiences with that staffing agency.

Compare Your Needs to Their Services –

Once you have found several appropriate staffing agencies, it’s time to compare them. Which ones offer services for the positions you have open. Are your needs one of their specialties or a secondary service they “also offer” in addition to where they concentrate their efforts?

Assess Previous Success Stories –

Look for testimonials and success stories on the staffing agency’s website. If you can’t find any, don’t hesitate to call the staffing agency and ask them to provide it to you. Why waste your time and money on a staffing agency that doesn’t have a high placement success rate?

If you’re looking for a reputable staffing agency to help you find a new job opportunity, contact Award Staffing. We have an Award-Winning tradition of finding Minnesota job seekers top jobs. We will work with you to make sure we understand all of your experiences and needs to find you the best job in Minnesota. Want to learn more about When Work Works – visit our blog now for the news topics and articles.

We All Know that You’ve “Ghosted” an Employer

Record low unemployment in the Twin-Cities Metro means that most businesses are competing for workers like you. This ultimately puts you in control of your current or even next job. As you gain more hands-on work experience, thanks to decreasing labor pools, a trend is starting to take shape.  Businesses in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro areas are being ghosted by job seekers, like you.

What is “Ghosting” and have you done it?

In some instances, this entails candidates no-showing for scheduled interviews with no telephone or email stating they will not be attending.  In the scenarios, a job seeker stops returning perspective employers messages, providing no explanation for their disappearance.  Many job seekers are ghosting potential employers once an offer is accepted by them never reporting into the company in their very first day.

If you are juggling several offers or prospective companies, the notion of letting you fall by the wayside might appear non-threatening.  But that is not the situation.  By doing so, you are damaging your reputation – ghosting a possible employer could lead to profound consequences and meaning you cannot get a job.  In instances where you would like to remove yourself from contention, there’s an ideal way of doing it.

What You Must Know About Ghosting Employers

Let them know-

If you accepted another job or have changed your mind –  does not mean that you should not reach out.  You might wind up burning this bridge, and while the dialogue might be awkward, it is far better than ghosting them. Believe it or not, companies keep records of left them high and dry; ghosting them could damage your ability to get a job with them in the future.

Ultimately – pick up the phone and call the hiring person. Tell them that you’d like to eliminate yourself from the job and that the job is not the ideal match for you now.

Offer Reason –

Basically – the reason why you chose a position with a different company, but don’t hesitate to establish the reason. Admit “your decision sets them in a difficult spot,” but you wished to notify them fast.  Thank them.

Do not be shocked when the hiring manager is angry since it will make their life harder.  Knowing your reputation might be damaged at that organization and within the hiring supervisor’s network.  But if you burn this bridge, that’s something that you can conquer time.

Remain in Touch-

Let them understand that look ahead, and you would love to remain in touch.  If you would like to add anything extra, you may always add a line about something that you wanted about the business or team you decided to start working for.  This is not required, although you might supply a reason.  Just be sure that you send the message the moment you have determined the job is not appropriate for you.

We value honesty and hard work at Award Staffing. If you are looking for a company that appreciates your ability to show up on time or just able to be responsible, we want to help you find a job with them. Contact a member of our hiring team today to start your new job search! Want to learn more about When Work Works – visit our blog to find more job tips and tricks.

3 Real-Life Ways to Show Humility At Work

Many people will tell you the best way to advance is to stand out at work. On the other hand, sometimes the best strategy is to show a little humility and let your work speak for itself.

Here are some strategies to show humility at work: Be a Great Listener. Being a great listener is a skill. Some ways to become a better listener:

· Don’t get distracted.
· Focus on the person who is speaking.
· Don’t talk over people.
· Stop talking when they talk and never interrupt.
· Don’t start thinking of a clever response before they can get the words out of their mouth.

Show humility by listening to everything they have to say, and pause when they stop before responding. Great listeners are great teammates.

1. Be a Great Follower –

Many people want to lead at work, but few want to follow. Set your ego aside and be a great member of the team by working hard, asking questions from the person in charge and making sure the little details are all handled. When other people are running things, show humility by working extra hard to make them shine. They will notice and ask you first when they have a job to do, and that’s always a great way to impress the boss.

2. Less Big Talk –

Unless you are a teacher in the classroom, the people around you didn’t sign up to hear you lecture them. Instead of leading with a lot of talk, lead by example. An employee who shows up on time, works until the job is done, and tries to help out them will always stand out.

3. Stay Positive –

We all have complaints, but that doesn’t mean we have to dump them on everyone around us. Keep a positive attitude, lift people up with a smile or an offer of help when they need it.

If you’re looking for a new job, contact Award Staffing. We can help place you in a job opportunity that is a good fit for your career goals and matches up what you’re currently seeking. Want to stand out at work? Visit our When Work Works Blog.

5 Ways How to Be a Role Model for Your Co-workers

Being a role model for your Coworkers is tough. Sometimes you have to show up early and stay late. You may take on extra responsibility for keeping the team running smoothly. On top of all that you have to keep yourself motivated and productive. Here are some strategies for leading by example so you can be a role model for your co-workers:

Be a Source of Knowledge –

A good role model can be counted on to answer questions about the company or the project. Helping co-workers do their jobs is part of leadership, so you need to make sure your knowledge is accurate. In cases where you don’t have the answer, you need to know how to find it.

Be Reliable –

Be accessible and give help when needed. A good role model can be counted on – every time. Showing up on time, going the extra mile, being kind and helpful to your co-workers, volunteer for projects, and do the best work you can do and with a good and cheerful attitude.

Be a Positive Influence –

Know how you impact people and make sure you don’t let them down. When a co-worker needs a day off, help and have them covered. If a co-worker asks you to fill out a requisition or get something delivered to complete a job, follow through – on time.

Communicate More –

Everyone knows co-workers have to communicate with one another. Make sure you are going the extra mile here. An open door policy is great, but not all co-workers will speak up first. Make sure you talk to all of your co-workers and ask good questions, so you know what is going on with them and their current projects.

Do What Your Co-workers Should Do –

A good role model leads by example. If you want your co-workers to be prompt, show up early. If you want your co-workers to work hard, let them see you working harder. If you want to work with honest, be truthful with them. If you wish co-workers to be better customer service ambassadors, talk to customers and help with problems.

If you’re looking to learn from others or become a leader yourself, contact Award Staffing. We can help you find job openings in Minnesota that want to help you grow and succeed. Want to learn more about When Work Works? Visit our blog today.