How to Make Your Job Postings Candidate Centric

In the current times, which are being referred to as a “candidate market”; job seekers have the option to choose from many different industries and positions. This has not been the case in previous times, especially not to this extent.

No matter what line of work, companies across-the-board are struggling to find and retain employees, doing everything in their power to bring new candidates through the door. This nation-wide occurrence does not appear to be going away any time soon. That being said, if businesses want to change their short-staffed situation, they must change their strategy. One way to do that is by being different.

Bringing in new candidates begins with your job postings. It only takes twenty seconds of reading a job posting for an applicant to decide whether or not they’re going to submit an application. If you don’t engage them right away, they will lose interest and not even finish reading it.

Here are some of our recommendations for getting people to apply to your job postings.

1. Instead of statements like, “we have a great culture”, communicate your company’s culture through your tone and writing style

Do you have an office that is constantly laughing and joking around? If so, add a bit of witty humor to your job description. Do you have a very relaxed team that somehow magically never sweats the small or big stuff? Use vocabulary such as, “zen” or “calm”. Most companies try too hard to maintain an overly professional image on the outside. That approach is archaic; these days, people want to see an organization’s personality.

2. Mention Autonomy

Workplace autonomy is the number one value people have nowadays. While every company is going to offer this in different ways, it’s definitely something you want people to know about right away. Do you have a hybrid model? Do your employees choose their own hours or take lunch at whatever time they want? Mentioning these things is a sure-fire way to capture a job seekers attention.

3. Talk About Personality Fit

Companies are always so quick to list out their own needs and go into detail about the qualifications and/or experience that someone needs to have in order to be hired. One thing we know to be true at Award, is that having a team that works well together can make or break the success of an organizations operations. Plus, we’ve all worked somewhere in the past where some of our co-workers made showing up every day difficult. Personality is not something that should be overlooked when you are searching for the right fit.

4. Instead of, “depending on experience”, post the salary range.

While there may be some cases where the pay is non-negotiable, you must remember that a job is a person’s livelihood. They need to know whether or not it will be worth their time to apply and set up an interview by knowing if the pay will meet their lifestyle needs. Also, people don’t want to work for a company that is totally rigid. Making it clear that there is room for negotiation in this area communicates that there is flexibility.

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How to Provide Unsurpassed Service

One of the most important things to us at Award, is that we always provide our clients and associates with unsurpassed service. As the number one staffing agency in Minnesota, as well as one of the top 175 places to work in Minnesota for 6 years in a row; we are constantly striving to improve our processes to make them easier for both sides and to let our clients know that we value them.

Whether you are a client based company or a customer based company, there are a number of good ways to provide unsurpassed service. Here are our top recommendations for how you can provide your clientele excellent service.

1. Treat Your Employees Well & Create a Stellar Company Culture

You may be wondering what this has to do with your clients, and the truth is; everything. Good service starts with people who are excited to come to work every day and perform their best. If you are understanding about your employees’ needs and intentionally create a culture that they want to be a part of, it will create a trickle-down effect and in-turn, they will go above and beyond for clients. Showing concern for the well-being of your employees will also result in fewer call outs and less tardiness, meaning there will be consistency in which staff member your client is working with.

2. Be Timely and Responsive

There is nothing more frustrating from a customer’s perspective than trying to reach someone with a pressing question or concern, and not hearing back for days or weeks at a time. If a client is trying to get ahold of you, it’s for a reason. Being timely in your responses and on-time for meetings/events shows professionalism and that you respect your client’s time. Remember, your clients have more than one option for who they want to work with; if you want them to keep using your services, being timely and responsive is essential.

3. Show Up in Person

This is particularly important if you are local. In the current digital age, nothing compares with human-to-human interaction. If your client is having an issue, meeting them at their location to discuss how it’s going to be resolved will set you apart from other companies in your industry. It also shows your client that you genuinely care. Making an effort to do this regularly will also build a trust factor between you and your client, as they will get to know you on a more personal level.

4. Go Above and Beyond

Although it is a business relationship, if you want to be the company that your clients refer out, you’ll need to do something beyond just the duties that they hire you for. Every year, we at Award give our clients flowers and holiday cards, and we often provide lunch for our longest partnerships. This is what will separate you from your competitors and make your clients want to leave you good reviews. Any company can do what they were hired to do, but it’s only a select few that choose to take it a step further.

5. Communicate

Keeping in regular contact with your clients and checking in with them to see how everything is going is an important habit to get into. Even if everything seems like it’s going fine, keeping them updated and asking how everything is going is good practice. There is enough ghosting in this world as it is, don’t sign a new client, complete the job, and then disappear. Especially if you are a staffing agency that has associates working at your client’s sites.

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How to Build Connections in Your Community

One of our biggest priorities at Award is building meaningful connections within our community. Not only are we in the staffing industry where relationships are everything, we also value giving back and partnering with local organizations to make a difference within our community through our Award Cares Program.

Whether you are in the staffing industry or not, we highly recommend creating a solid foundation of relationships with other businesses. Doing so well help you build rapport and lead to a good reputation within your community. This will likely get you regular referral and marketing/publicity opportunities, which will make the surrounding businesses want to partner with you, in some capacity in the future.

Here are our recommendations for how to create connections in your local community:

1. Follow and Engage with them on Social Media

It’s no secret that having a social media presence is absolutely crucial in the world we live in. By leveraging social media, you have the chance to showcase your brand’s personality and share your company’s culture. Because all social media platforms are algorithm based, following and regularly liking/commenting their posts will give them more exposure. Also, by leaving positive comments on their page, their prospective customers and clients will automatically trust them more.

2. Send them Holiday and Checking-In Gifts and Notes

Building relationships is the first step to creating meaningful connections, but it is equally important to maintain them. Every so often, send the executives of the company a gift or note, letting them know you are thinking of them. The people who run businesses can be skeptical of partnering with other companies when they feel like the other company is only out to see what’s in it for them. Doing this will create a human-to-human connection. Also, it doesn’t have to cost money. Even an email just to check in every once in a while can go a long way.

3. Provide Recommendations

When creating relationships, the best thing that you can do is come from a place of value. When communicating with other businesses, problems that they are facing will inevitably become a topic of conversation occasionally. Offer your unique perspective and solutions if you deem it fitting for the conversation. If nothing comes to mind right away, reach out later with a few ideas and resources. This shows that you were listening and that you genuinely care.

4. Refer and Connect Them

As networking is such a crucial part of any business, you will inevitably run into individuals and other companies who could use their services. If you know those people or organizations on a personal level, introduce them. If it is someone you are just meeting, give them your business associate’s contact information and ask that person or company to tell them that they were sent by you. People will be happy to return this favor.

5. Share their Needs and Wins with Your Network

Going back to social media, another great thing you can do for a business associate is spread the word about their needs and/or successes. If they post that they are hiring, share it your LinkedIn and Facebook connections. If they post about a recent win they had, help them celebrate by sharing their post. This will communicate genuine appreciation for their partnership and will incentivize them to do the same for you.

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How to Provide Meaningful Work as an Employer

Nowadays, people don’t work solely for a paycheck. While that is most certainly the biggest driver of why people have jobs; when people go to work every day, they want to feel like there is more meaning behind what they do than just making a living.

As we are currently in a candidate market, and people currently have the option to be particular about where they work, it is important that companies provide a meaningful work experience to their employees.

When in search of a new job, people no longer simply choose the one offering the highest pay, the one closest to home, or the one that is the most relevant to what they went to college or trade school for. They search the companies that want to interview them via their website and social media pages to see if there is something they stand for.

It’s very important that companies not only advertise a meaningful workplace to get people through the door, but also demonstrate and maintain that meaning so that employees choose to stay with the company in the long run.

Here are 5 ways employers can create meaningful work for their employees:


1. Give Employees the Chance to Contribute

In today’s world, it is more important than ever for people to know that they are giving back; especially to the local community. By making service and/or charity a part of your business model, employees will take pride in where they work. This shows that the company values things other than revenue generation and publicity and that the organization cares.

It is important to note, that any charity or service project that the company hosts should take place during work hours. This enables all team members to participate and shows that you know that your employees have a life outside of work.

2. Take Action on Feedback

If an employee comes to you with constructive feedback that you know could benefit the company, find a way to implement their suggestion and recognize them publicly for it. This will show them that they are listened to and that their input is considered and valued. Be sure to give the employee credit when you announce the implementation to the rest of the team. This will encourage others to speak up about processes that can be improved and will show the employee that they are seen for who they are and not just a number in the company.

3. Find Evidence-Based Ways to Live Out Your Company Values

Nearly every company has a set of core values, but very rarely do they get put into practice. Many companies have a core value of fairness, but almost all the time, favoritism is seen and felt in the office. Appreciation may be listed in the employee handbook, but appreciation goes far beyond thanking someone for that little extra they did. If your company values communication, than the proper channels, such as: slack, regular meetings, and timely email responses must be provided and enforced.

If your company runs off of certain systems such as EOS, you must have weekly team L10 meetings and set rocks every quarter. As the saying goes, practice what you preach.

4. Provide a Social Space and Host Social Events

Everyone wants to feel comfortable with the people they work with, since there is so much time being spent together. Work will also feel more meaningful if there is a strong component of both teamwork and support. People will be much more excited to come in every day if they enjoy their colleagues. By designating a certain area for employees to socialize whether during lunch or just in between meetings, they will have the opportunity to interact more often. This can look like a lounge area, a game room, a break room, etc. It’s also beneficial to host company outings every so often whether they are after-work happy hours or team lunches.


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Using Data as an Asset

Did you know that as of recently, “data” has become a buzzword in the business world? Usually when people think of data, they envision their company’s proprietary information, but statistics have continuously shown that organizations that leverage data use as a business value are the ones that skyrocket to success. This is because the growth of a company is largely determined by data surrounding their industry and how they use it to evolve.

By finding ways to strategically implement data collection into your business plan, and using your findings to tweak your operations and marketing tactics, you will set yourself apart from your competitors as well as build the reputation of expert within your industry.

Here is a list of ways data will benefit you if you choose to make it a part of your business model.

1. Get to Know Your Audience

Everyone wants to believe they know their audience well, but as times change, so do people. Things such as convenience due to emerging technologies and preferences due to the influence of social media constantly change consumer behavior, so keeping up with your audience will make all of the difference in your revenue generation. You can get to know your audience through market data via polls on your social media pages and/or asking informative questions when you meet with clients/customers in person.

2. Improve Quality of Products and Services

By using data to get to know your audience and finding innovative ways to collect data from your competitors, you will be able to make changes to your products or services that you know your client/customer actually wants. Making changes can be risky, which is why data is so beneficial. It allows you to base decisions based off of factual information instead of having to guess.

3. Establish Expertise

When you make claims to your audience and can back it up with actual percentages and statistics, you will begin to be seen as experts to both your audience and your competitors. People will wonder where you get your information from and will look to your company as an example to model after in hopes to achieve the same results. It’s always great to be the first in your industry to do something.

4. Make Decisions Easier

When you make decisions based off of what you’ve done in the past or what seems to be working for other companies, you are essentially gambling. If you go based off of your findings, you can be assured you are making the best decisions whether they are about internal operations or your sales strategy.

5. Improve Operations

Data collection does not have to be limited to your external processes. You can collect data from your internal employees through things such as a suggestion box, anonymous survey, or a company-wide vote. Keeping your employees happy is just as important as keeping your clients/customers happy, so find a way that the ideas and opinions of your personnel can be heard.

6. Contribute to Campaigns

No matter what industry you’re in, there is nothing more powerful than social proof. When people are going to invest money into something, they want the reassurance that it has worked before and will benefit them. If you collect data, you can use numbers in your campaign which is sure to influence your audience’s buying decisions.

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Make Social Issues A Part of Your Marketing

“A little over half of consumers (57 percent) are more likely to buy/use a product if a brand takes a position on a social issue similar to the consumers’ views. That figure was 77 percent for Gen Z and millennial respondents.” – A List Daily

It’s nothing new that in today’s world, there are a multitude of social issues that society is passionate about changing. Everyone wants to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves and depending on their upbringing, often choose to support causes that they have been affected by in one way or another.

With so many different walks of life out there, everyone has a different ability to contribute; some able to offer thousands of dollars on a monthly basis and others solely able to offer patronage in the form of time. However, no matter whom you are or what your fiscal capabilities are, we are all regular consumers of both goods and services. By adding the support of social issues into your business model and marketing game plan, you will give people of all different socioeconomic statuses the ability to give back through buying from or partnering with you.

Over the past few years, online buying has increasingly become the preferred way to purchase since it is convenient, and ever since the pandemic began, fewer people feel comfortable in public spaces with large crowds. To capitalize on this new norm, marketers have pivoted their approach to reach more people in the online space. Currently, the businesses that are thriving the most are the ones that have implemented the support of social issues into their marketing strategy.

As quarter four approaches, both marketers and consumers will increase their spending on account of the upcoming holiday season. As we are still in Quarter 3, this makes it the perfect time to map out a plan that brings your support of social issues to the attention of your audience. Whether you are service or product based, this tactic is sure to bring in more business and publicity as well as contribute to positive change and the common good.


Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan:

1. Increase Your Marketing Budget

As the highest consumer quarter is right around the corner, if you want to see an increase in your sales, you must be willing to spend more to get the word out about the cause you are supporting. It may feel like a bit of a stretch in the beginning, but the return on investment will be worth it as new clients and customers discover you.

2. Use Social Media

If your company has a cause that you have been supporting for some time now, remind you audience by discussing it on social media. Reintroduce the cause/organization you support and inform them of how and why you chose this cause. Then make it a weekly practice to talk about this cause on your platforms. It will only be effective if you make it a long-term part of your strategy. If supporting a cause is not something you have done before, choose one and then inform your audience about this new endeavor.

3. Make it Clear the Impact They Will Have

In order to get consumers to partner with or buy from you, you’ll need to be clear about how spending with you will make a social difference. If a percentage of every sale or contract goes to the cause you chose, let them know that. People want to know how their contribution matters, so be sure that they know what will happen as a result of doing business with your company.


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What Is Your Company Known For?

Today, as some of our team was in a meeting discussing things we would like to roll out early next year, a very simple but profound statement came up; “We do two things, we sell and we hire”. It’s true, here at Award Staffing, we sell our services to local businesses and we help local residents find work (at those companies). Sure there are many moving parts to this, and they are not the only things we do per se, but those two things are our primary functions; they are what we are known for. That being said, if someone were to ask you what your company does, would you know what to tell them without giving a long, drawn-out explanation?

Many times in college marketing classes, students who are about to go out in search of their first real job, are taught how to craft an Elevator Pitch about themselves. An elevator pitch is a statement or description of a product or company that explains the concept in a clear way within a matter of seconds. Essentially, if you only had one elevator ride to tell someone what you did, what would you tell them? Although you may do a variety of things, this pitch is meant to highlight what’s most important so someone can decide if they are interested in working with you or your company. Truthfully, you never know where you’ll meet an ideal client or future employer or how much time you’ll have when you do. Therefore, being prepared for when that opportunity comes will put you at an advantage. Remember, though you and everyone at your company may be experts at what you do; the rest of the world isn’t as well versed. In order to market your company as one that others would want to work with, it’s important to be able to communicate your expertise in a prompt yet efficient manner.

There are a number of reasons it is important to explain what you do succinctly:

1. Your Website

People tend to have very short attention spans. When they are checking out your digital presence, you want to be able to capture their attention and understanding right away. If they can get an idea of what you do from reading just a few short sentences, you will give the first impression that you truly are experts, building a trust factor right away.

2. Conversation

Not only do you not know how much time you truly have to explain yourself when you are first meeting someone, but you also want the chance to make the conversation a dialogue. If you’re doing all of the talking in order to explain what you do, the other person won’t have a chance to ask questions or gage their understanding of what you do. You will look much more credible if you can explain what you do quickly and confidently.

3. Marketing

No matter what the medium, when you are marketing your company, product, or service, you need to be able to get your message across swiftly. Think of all of the most successful marketing and advertising campaigns out there…you likely remember them for their brevity and wittiness. A single quote, a new concept, a rising trend…Whether it’s the verbiage on a billboard or the 30 second pop-up advertisement, things are much more memorable when they are kept sharp and clever.

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How Much Are You Investing In Your Future?

When running a business, investing in the future is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Though it can be easy to only be looking five feet in front of you, especially if you’re a startup or are in the middle of a rebrand; industries evolve quickly. Therefore, if you want to continue to keep up with your competitors and have a consistently lucrative enterprise, staying ahead of the game will be a key contributor in doing so.

If you were to take an honest audit of all of the things you presently do to invest in your business, how much would you be able to come up with? For continued growth and success, it’s imperative that as you take your audit you consider all facets of your company. When most people hear the word invest, they automatically think of the financial aspects of a venture or establishment. While that is most definitely a major segment of your business, there are multiple ways to invest in the future of your organization. Here are some:

Research and Development

There are a few ways you can approach this…You can hire an internal employee to do research whether it’s their entire job or part of their job. Or, you can work with a consulting company that specializes in your industry to keep you updated on the latest industry trends. This well help you forecast how the market will be in the coming months or years, which will give you the opportunity to plan and make adjustments accordingly. You may just find yourself with information that surprises you or that you didn’t know was even a topic of conversation within your industry. Even though having a designated employee or company to do your research and suggest modifications will be an upfront investment, it is an expense that help your company reach its 5 and 10 year plans.

 Process Improvement

When things are working out well as they are, the easiest thing to do is keep everything the same. However, this “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it mentality” could be holding you back from making even more progress day-to-day than you already are. It may be a good idea to look into other businesses and companies within your industry to see what platforms and tools they may be using that help them keep pace. It is always intimidating to change your systems if they have been successful up until now, along with time consuming as you and your team will have to learn everything from scratch. This is why you must look at the bigger picture and be open to adapting. You will produce results quicker, therefore drive more business if you transform your processes and protocols.

Integrate New Technology

In a technology based world, this is inevitable. Yes technology is expensive, but it is also created to eliminate unnecessary work and streamline functions that need to be constantly addressed. Because it is a large investment, it’s in your best interest to be strategic about the type of technology and programs you use. Different industries use different makes and models of computers depending on if they are more creativity based or data based. In a warehouse setting, some machinery may need to be upgraded every few years, while other machines on the market haven’t changed nearly at all. Communication platforms are evolving almost daily and there are constantly new apps and programs that allow you to communicate virtually within a workspace. If you work in a fast paced environment or a place with dozens to hundreds of employees, investing in some of these platforms will take a lot of weight off of your shoulders.

Investing in Your Employees

Every year, turnover and employee mistakes cost companies thousands of dollars. This is why it is absolutely vital to ensure good employee morale, especially among your most valuable team members. There are so many factors in ensuring your employee morale stays high, including: training, appreciation, company culture, and promotion. The key to ensuring employee morale is that things have to happen on an ongoing basis. It is not enough to have a team pep talk every two months, or promote a few employees a year and call it good. You must make things like employee continuing education and appreciation a part of your model. This means setting aside funds specifically for that. As and owner or manager, ask yourself questions like:

*Is the office/site a welcoming space where people want to come to work every day?

*Do we have an employee incentive program or monthly events to show appreciation for our employees?

*What opportunities do we currently offer to make sure employees feel adequately trained and/or like they are regularly learning new skills?

*Are we promoting from within and offering room for growth and pay raises in our company?

Your answers to these questions will determine what areas you currently excel at and what areas could use some changes to make certain you are continuously investing in your people.

All of these investments are going to require both time and money, but if you are in your business for the long-haul, such improvements will catapult you forward so that your business meets the long term vision.

If you or someone you know is looking for a job, we at Award Staffing are here to help. Check out our latest job opportunities here.


Why Now Is a Good Time to Consider a Rebrand

It’s no secret that as a result of the pandemic, over a year and a half later we have shifted into a new world in many ways. As we’ve discussed in past blog articles, one of the most important things you can do as a company is keep up with modern times as this is how you become seen as a leader in your industry.

Well similarly, it is also imperative to keep your brand up-to-date. If a rebrand is something your company has been considering for a while, now could definitely be an advantageous time to do so, as many things are newly different as we come out of the pandemic.

What comes to mind when you hear the word brand? Most people associate brands with their logo and colors, but branding goes far beyond a person or company’s visual representation. Rebranding is all about altering how your product/service and company is perceived, which means that doing so will require a good amount of research and strategy. If well thought out, a rebrand has the potential to bring you more clients at higher rates, increase engagement & publicity, and build loyalty with both employees and clients.

Here are some signs that it may be time for a rebrand:
1. You haven’t rebranded in 5-10 years
2. You have changed your business model, services, or products
3. Your brand has expanded significantly
4. You blend in with your competition too much
5. You want to fix your reputation
6. You want to connect to a wider audience/change your audience

When you decide it is officially time for a rebrand, here are some of the most essential things to do:

Upgrade Your Logo

To keep potential clients interested and to stand out, it is important to use fonts and colors that are reflective of modern times. Although you don’t have to necessarily change your colors, opting for different shades that are brighter or trendier can make all the difference.

Determine Your New Messaging 

Chances are, things within your industry have significantly changed since your launch or your last rebrand. Is there anything you want to be known for that you haven’t been associated with in the past or anything that no longer suits your brand/company that you want to let go of. This will be a big determining factor in how you promote your company going forward.

Rewrite Your Copy

This goes for your “About Us” page, your services overview, your marketing materials, and anything in between. Use new vocabulary that is more in-line with modern language and talk about some of the new strategies you have implemented since your launch or last rebrand.

Re-evaluate Your Company Values

If they have remained the same, brainstorm ways that you can deliver them in a new, revamped way that will appeal to your target market. If there is anything that has been added to your list of core values, be sure to include that to keep your audience updated.

Re-design Your Website & Social Media Strategy

The types of images you use and the pillars that are frequently discussed in your new strategy must be reflected online. This is the first place competitors, clients, and job seekers will search for you, therefore, you want to make a good first impression and be sure that everything from your positioning to your graphics are parallel to your new brand identity.

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Why the Right Employees Make All the Difference

No matter what type of business you run, or where you are located in the United States, it is no secret that there are many more job openings than there are people willing to fill them. The pandemic has allowed people to reconsider what is most important to them and as a result, many people have become more particular about the positions they take. Knowing that there are many options out there that would allow them to work from home and having had the time to start their own income generating projects, a large percentage of the population has chosen to either look for a position that doesn’t require their physical presence or leave the workforce entirely to pursue their own venture.

Of course this has business owners and hiring managers in a bind and has significantly slowed down production of all products and services on a national level. This can make it tempting to employ any and all people who apply to your company. However, as inclined as you may be to do that, being sure that you take the time and consideration into hiring the best/right employees is what will be of the biggest benefit in the long run. Here’s why:

Work Ethic

This may just be the most important quality an employee can have. This means they are someone who arrives to work on time, makes productive use of their time, gets their tasks done, and produces quality work. Without work ethic, you will end up wasting payroll on employees that are not getting the job done. It will be better if you hold out to hire the right people than to spend money on a revolving door of employees.

Social Skills

If you choose to hire just anyone who you think can get the job done, you may find yourself with either; an employee who does not get on well with the rest of the team, or someone who does not do well with clients/customers. Although disagreements between employees are inevitable, it’s important to make sure that the people you bring on can get along with others. In the case of needing your team to collaborate on something or communicate often, it’s important to have people who can work well with one another.


Having employees that are reliable is a key component in having a successful operation. This means they show up every day and you as a manager can trust that they are doing their job. Someone who is not dependable will call in at the last minute, have excuses why things aren’t getting done, and may even one day randomly disappear and not come back. This isn’t a good use of the time you spend onboarding employees and you will find your company with plenty of work that still needs to be completed once the days are over. Avoid this by doing your best to find dependable employees.


People with excellent communication skills are often hard to find. There are so many different facets to communication from email and text responses, to being able to get a point across effectively in person. Having a team of people who all have good communication will ensure fewer errors, will result in prompt responses, and will enable you to have a team that is always on the same page.


As the past year and a half has taught all of us, things are inevitably going to come up unexpectedly. Having employees who understand that instead of insisting that “we’ve always done it this way”, will be a major advantage to you and the rest of the team. People who are adaptable are willing to modify their jobs as needed, shift their schedule occasionally if the business needs it, and are open to hearing new ideas. As an employer, it is important to let adaptable employees know they are appreciated, because otherwise they will feel that their flexibility is being taken advantage of and may take their skills somewhere else.

Self- Motivation

People who are self-motivated, do not constantly need to be told what to do. They know what their job is and will see what needs to be done and take the initiative to do it themselves. Having people like this on your team will keep the flow of operations going as well as save you time as you won’t have to regularly stop what you’re doing to give them direction.

Company Culture

In today’s society, company culture is one of the most valued traits a company can have according to employees. It is one of the number one contributors to employee happiness, therefore it is important that when you’re hiring, you look for people who will fit and contribute to your company’s culture. This means people who have a similar mindset about the company’s mission, people who participate in company events, and people who actively work to keep the energy and the environment positive.

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