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For over 30 years, we have helped our clients hire qualified employees, improve recruitment processes and increased efficiencies through a flexible workforce. Award Staffing is one of the largest locally owned and reputable office staffing services in the Twin Cities.

Award Staffing’s philosophy is that performance counts create our unparalleled advantages.  With advantages such as Award’s Employee Database, dedicated staffing coordinators, office skills testing, employee fringe benefits, extended office hours, personalized attention and our Award Staffing guarantee, we can help your company’s success. 

Award Staffing’s Employee Database


Award’s Employee Database integrates all recruiting, screening, hiring and payrolling functions into one program to create unparalled advantages.  Real-time network updates allows us to find qualified personnel for your company based on skill set, location, work history and availability. 

Award Staffing’s Dedicated Staffing Coordinators


We employ full-time recruiters as part of our effort to grow and maintain our database of the top office talent in the greater Twin Cities metro area. If we don’t have the professionals you need in our database, we will recruit them according to the skills and specifications your company requires. 

Employee Skills Testing


Award Staffing uses nationally accredited skills tests to guarantee that our employees are qualified professionals.  We are able to test for a wide variety of office and light industrial skills and will customize testing according to your specifications. 

Employee Fringe Benefits


To attract and keep the best employees, we reward long-term performance with one of the most comprehensive fringe benefit packages in our industry. 

Personalized Attention


An Award Staffing Coordinator will be assigned to your account as your point of contact who ensures complete satisfaction and personalized attention. 

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