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Worker's Compensation Process for Clients

We have updated our preferred provider of medical treatment for employees who are injured on the job, and going forward we will be using any of the 6 US Healthworks clinics in the Twin Cities.

Click here for information about the clinics here for you along with information about our process.

In the event an employee wants to seek medical treatment, please follow these steps:

  1. Contact Award Staffing’s Safety Team immediately to notify of incident/accident.
  2. An Award Staffing representative will fill out the First Report of Injury, and if medical attention is necessary, a claim will be opened with Western National, and a US Healthworks Authorization form must be completed and sent to clinic for the employee to be seen.
  3. If medical attention is necessary, the employee will need to go to one of the facilities listed on the Preferred Clinics list, unless it is an emergency and the employee needs to go directly to the hospital.
  4. If no medical attention is necessary, the employee needs to sign the Medical Treatment (see attached medical treatment waiver form)
  5. If the employees cannot drive, but does not need an ambulance, please notify the Award Staffing Safety Team to arrange for a cab service to transport the employee.
  6. The employee needs to be made aware that WC accidents that require medical treatment may also require that the employee take a drug screening if there is reasonable suspicion.

Contact Information for Award Staffing's Human Resources, Safety & Risk Team 

Phone: (952) 693-2888 | Email: 


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