Dressing for a Job Interview in Minnesota Winter

For Minnesota employers, first impressions are critical for landing the job. While your clothes shouldn’t be the most important thing, we always advise job seekers to look their best. Whether you’re heading to an interview or attending one of our hiring events, you want to dress to impress.

Minnesota winters can make it hard to feel like your most professional self. Between your giant coat, your Vikings stocking cap, and your salt-covered boots, it can be hard to dress practically and professionally in below-freezing temps. Here are our tundra-tested tips for looking professional while staying warm.

Choose a sharp coat

While we all want to be judged by our resumes, it’s a reality that the first thing your employer will notice is what you wore to the interview. You’re likely familiar with the awkward dance of removing your coat and getting settled before sitting with your interviewer, so your coat will be a focal point. If you can, invest in a professional and classic jacket like a wool peacoat. If a puffer jacket is more your style, choose a neutral color. Even though you know you’ll remove it immediately, always wear a coat in good condition with no holes, stains or tears.

Invest in professional winter shoes, or bring back-ups

We advise interviewees to either wear professional boots or arrive a bit early and change into dress shoes. If you frequently attend professional events or have occasion to dress up, investing in a classic, sturdy winter boot will keep you safe and looking smart. Another option is to bring your dress shoes in a bag – a briefcase or bookbag, not your gym bag – and change before you enter the office. Don’t carry your stinky boots into your interview!

Wear layers to keep cool

We know all too well that interviews can be sweat-inducing events. It may be freezing outside, but the heat in your interview room is blasting and your nerves are cranking up your body temperature. If this sounds familiar, wear a blazer or cardigan that you can remove if you get warm. Have an interview-appropriate shirt or blouse underneath so you aren’t comfortable. If you’re worried about overheating, don’t wear your thickest wool sweater and socks. You’ll give your best interview if you’re comfortable.

Arrive fashionably early

It’s always important to arrive early for an interview, but if you’re worried about the weather wreaking havoc on your professional outfit, add 10 more minutes. Head to a coffee shop or the building’s bathroom so you can warm up, remove the snow from your hair or reapply makeup if needed. Taking a minute to check your appearance in the mirror can give you the confidence boost you need to crush your interview, instead of worrying whether you look like the Abominable Snowman.

Winters aren’t the best part about living in the Twin Cities, but we know how to survive them. Don’t let a little snow ruin your next big opportunity.

Speaking of job interviews, have you checked out our job opportunities lately? We have plenty of openings where you can apply these tips for winter job interviews.

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