How Minnesota Businesses Ensure Staff Bonding

Staff bonding is crucial if you want to build up a strong team and cohesive feeling in the workforce. When you encourage your staff to bond with one another, you’ll find that it translates over into your company’s productivity and overall well-being. Here are some great ways to ensure your staff bonds with each other:

Schedule Regular Meetings

Face-to-face time is the best way to cultivate meaningful relationships. If you schedule regular meetings with your staff, you’re ensuring that they see each other in person on a regular basis. If you can, let the staff gather in the conference room a few minutes prior to the meeting starts so they can have time to catch up and really focus on building those relationships.

Arrange for Non-Work Activities

If you really want your staff to bond with each other, you will need to schedule a few non-work activities. These could be as simple as getting out of the office for a low-key happy hour to something more elaborate like a company-wide off-site retreat. Any effort that’s out of the office and an interruption from everyday work life will have the same effect – it will get staff members out of their comfort zone and trying new things in an effort to bond with those who are going through a similar experience.

Encourage Collaboration with Duties

If you have a task that needs to be done, why wouldn’t you divide it in half and ask two of your employees to conquer it together? This will show them that you are actually serious about having them bond, and it will force them to creatively work together to find a solution to a common problem. This is a good strategy to help facilitate the bonding process between two individuals who wouldn’t normally get along with one another.

Incentivize Friendships

Don’t be that employer who’s bothered by staff members befriending other staff members. Even though they may be tempted to chat with each other during work, realize that a lot of that chatter and banter will indeed be work-related. You can personally incentivize friendships by letting your staff members naturally develop these bonds again and not tearing them apart with new or work schedules.


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