How to Be a Game Changer in You Career

A game changer is an individual or group of people that transforms the way things are commonly done or thought about. Game changers have the ability to influence the way other people think and act by standing out and shifting other people’s perspectives by way of their personality and their own actions.

Everyone wants to shift the paradigm, and everyone can; if they take the necessary actions to become a person of influence and take the risks needed to disrupt the way things have always been done in the past to share a way that’s even better.

Here is a list of just some of the things you can do to become a game changer in both your life and career:

1. Invest in Your Mindset Daily

Your mindset affects everything because it is what determines your actions and behaviors. When trying to make changes, setbacks are inevitably going to come up. You are also going to occasionally find yourself among people who have an entirely different outlook than you. You may even find yourself in a slump, every once in a while. Mindset is what will get you through these things. You must train your mind to have a productive mindset in any type of situation that may arise. This means that mindset work is never done. You have to have a mindset routine, even if it’s just 10 minutes per day. During this time, cleanse your mind of any unproductive information you have acquired recently and fill it with motivational thoughts. Getting into this habit will give you a reset, daily.

2. Identify the Why and the Vision

Before starting or working towards anything, it’s crucial to determine the meaning behind it and the reason it is important to you. Showing up regularly for something becomes a whole lot easier when you know you’re doing it for a purpose and you are passionate about that purpose. From there, you can identify the vision. Once you know the vision, you can begin mapping out the plan and the individual steps it will take to make it all come together.

3. Rise to the Occasion

In order to be a game changer, you need to be a leader. This means that when you are presented with opportunities that you haven’t had before, you rise to the challenge and find your own way of doing them. Game changers are innovative which means they do not shy away from things just because they are new or different. Look at it like your chance to showcase your skills and creativity. You never know what taking on the challenge will lead to if you don’t push through the barriers of fear. Take a chance on yourself.

4. Spend time Perfecting Your Craft

If you want to see above-average results, you must put in an above-average amount of time to learn something. It doesn’t have to consume all of your time, but you most definitely will need to put in the work after hours to really improve your abilities. There are many ways you can do this, some examples are: read up on the topic, practice the skills you use/need, and taking trainings & watching tutorials.

5. Eliminate Distraction

Distraction is the enemy of productivity, even the small ones. If you were to get really honest with yourself, how many things per day take up time that you could be using to complete a task related to your vision? Scrolling social media, noise that doesn’t allow you to think, people stopping by your desk, online shopping, and thinking about things you need to do at home are all distracting. If you really have the urge to be a change maker, you need to have as much focus as possible so you can check off the things that actually matter. Keep the end goal in mind.

6. Stand Firm in Your Standards

People who are seen as change makers have standards for both themselves and those around them. They are not the type to settle for average. This makes them a respected member of the team as they do quality work and are also firm in their boundaries and the expectations they have for others. People who create change don’t tiptoe around others because they want to people-please. They know it’s not about being liked, but instead being valued.

7. Be Original

You must be willing to step outside of the box. This means coming up with different or new and improved thought processes and practices. When you come up with them, don’t hesitate to share them. Everything starts out as an idea and ideas bloom when people can collaborate on them.

8. Take Risks

It’s always going to be intimidating to try something you have never done before. It’s also a bit nerve-racking when you go to present something new to a manager, client, or colleague and you don’t know how it’s going to be received. While you can’t always control whether or not something works or how others are going to react; the only thing guaranteed is if you don’t do anything- no changes will be made. People admire those who take risks, because it shows that they are not afraid of misfortune or to go back to the drawing board.

 9. Stay Informed and Keep Up with the Trends

Because we live in a digital world, things have the ability to move really fast. Just when you were getting used to a new social media platform, another one has emerged and is trending. The good news is, through smartphones and Wi-Fi it is easier than ever to stay updated on all of the industry trends that are developing around us. If you stay up-to-date with the trends, you’ll stay relevant and can use the things that are trending to leverage your personal brand. Don’t fall behind by shying away from trending topics, platforms, technology, etc.

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