How to Network – Even When You Don’t Want to

If you’re like most working individuals, you have limited time in your day – dealing with work responsibilities, household tasks, or you may be going back to school too. With busy lives how is someone able to make time to network, also?

Most individuals recognize that the individuals who you know can be critical for finding your future job. When you are short on time, there are tactics for making the most of expanding your professional network – here is how:

Start Small, Then Work Your Way Up-

When most people think of networking, they tend to think of large events that take out a significant amount of time from their day. To some this may seem like the only way to meet new people, it isn’t the only way.

Start by focusing on something smaller that is easy to fit into your daily schedule. Try sending a message via social media to individuals who are working you in your industry. Doing this only takes a few minutes and can easily be inserted into a break throughout the day. Over time, small efforts like this do add up to get the most out of the impact of your efforts in just minutes a day.

Every Opportunity is an Opportunity to Network-

What is your perception of networking? If you have a negative mindset about networking, a simple change in your attitude is all it takes to fit more networking opportunities into your daily life. Start by keeping it basic when spending time at get-togethers with friends and family. These gatherings can be useful for networking to hone your networking skills. Ultimately starting with friends and family can help you build stronger relationships while may even leading to new job opportunities that you may have not ever thought of.

The key to most successful networkers is that they utilize a casual setting to meet new professionals. This may be as simple as getting a cup of coffee or being in an elevator with someone new – either way, these opportunities can be an excellent way for striking up conversations with new possible contacts. By making the saying the first “hello” you never know what a stranger does for a living unless you ask.

Make It a Routine-

As start seeking out small, easy ways for networking, make sure to commit yourself to those activities. Doing small, simple things every day, you will make networking a natural part of your life – establishing a pattern of positive actions that you don’t even think about.

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