Improving Employee-Employer Communication

As an employer, it’s your job to make sure that there’s positive employee-employer communication happening. This is crucial not only for your business but also for the well-being of your employees. Here are some ways that you can improve employee-employer communication.

Have Weekly Meetings.

One of the best ways to communicate well is to do it regularly. For some of your employees, this may involve weekly meetings. We recommend hosting your meetings on Monday mornings or Friday afternoons, so everything from the past week is fresh and ready to be discussed in preparation for the upcoming week.

Keep an Open Dialogue.

Don’t have your work be an environment in which employees think they can’t talk to you. This usually ends up being counter-productive in that they will sit with issues and not communicate until one day when they let everything out at once. Make sure to remind employees that you regularly welcome feedback, suggestions, and even complaints to help the entire office run smoothly.

Have a System to Communicate Notes.

It can be tricky to remember different notes or comments in between meetings, so make sure you implement a system in which you can remember your notes throughout the week. This could be through the use of a new technology program such as Slack, or through the use of good old-fashioned sticky notes. Whatever you do, make sure you do it well, and your communication will follow.

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