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Work Options

Award Staffing provides the following Work Options for our employees

Temporary Placement


Are you a person who enjoys having a flexible schedule and working in various environments or positions? Award Staffing’s Temporary Placement option gives you the ability to not only work using your skill sets but provides you opportunities to expand on them as well.  We work to find you positions that follow your interests and goals.

  • Provides the opportunities to try out various fields of work
  • Provides the opportunity to continue to earn money while searching for your career
  • Provides opportunities to attain and perfect skill sets

Temporary-to-Hire Placement


If there is a specific industry or career you want to find a permanent position in? We can arrange for you to work for an employer before they decide if they should take you on as a regular employee. This gives you the opportunity to try out a position that could potentially become a full-time regular position.  We will match your skills and goals that you provide to our Staffing Coordinators to help align you with opportunities that may become a fit for permanent placement.

  • Let’s you try out a position before you commit to it.
  • Expands your specific skill sets in a specific industry or company
  • Provides the opportunity for permanent placement

"Award Staffing helped me find the perfect job for my skill set."

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