Resume Gaps and How to Explain Them to Employers

If you’ve ever had a gap in your resume, chances are you might feel self-conscious about it or even stray away from applying for jobs because you think your chances might be hurt. Don’t fret, however, because you often can explain resume gaps. Consider these explainable situations.

Resume Gaps: Working Vacation.

Some people have gaps on their resume because they are taking a break to develop their career skills while not officially working for an employer. This is known as a “working vacation” and is pretty common for people who have just graduated from college or high school. Make sure to tell your employer you were working if there are resume gaps in your work history.

Resume Gaps: Change of Career.

Some people take time off because they’re looking to change careers. Whether this means they’re going back to school, taking some certification courses, or simply just taking a break before they jump into the next part of their lives, this is often considered an acceptable reason to explain to employers why you weren’t working.

Resume Gaps for Health/Personal Reasons.

Sometimes, there are unavoidable health or personal reasons that you encounter. For this reason, you may need to take time off from work. Employers are usually very amenable to these circumstances if you explain it to them honestly.

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