Resume Tips: Why Resumes Need a Monthly Update

Today in your job search it’s pretty common to have a resume, but did you know that you should update it monthly? Here’s a resume tip: job seekers should update their resume monthly.

Update Your Resume to Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

What do we mean by “staying aware of your surroundings?”HINT: it’s not what you think. By staying aware of your surroundings we mean to know how your past work experiences, skills, talents and abilities fit within different work environments.

Ultimately, if you can both act and speak confidently about your workplace experiences and contributions you’ll be well equipped to nail that interview or better yet, you’ll be able to take advantage of unexpected job opportunities.

Resume Tip: Update Your Resume to Have it Ready Whenever Needed

We come across this it time and time again; you never know when you are going to “meet your next boss.” By updating your resume monthly, it can always be ready to go in case you come across someone who is hiring. Our experience working with hiring managers is that the job-seeking process is all about moving quickly, so you could end up increasing your chances of receiving a particular job just because you were able to apply for a job much quicker than others.

Quick Resume Tip: Always keep a resume nearby; in your car, in a purse, or even saved to your phone. Believe it or not, we have met some of our most successful job seekers in nontraditional places; laundry mats, shopping malls and even food shelves. What allowed us to help these passive job seekers find their dream job was because they were ready with a resume they could produce on the spot.

Resume Tip: Update Your Resume to Keep The Bigger Goals in Mind

We all want to make more money, have better job titles, and contribute more to the place we work, right? Who doesn’t? Like anything success starts with proper planning, this is especially true for your career goals. We have uncovered over the years working with successful career seekers is that they looked at their resume on a regular basis because it helped them keep their bigger goals in mind. For these job seekers, it was as simple as paying off debts to as ambitious as becoming a high-ranking manager for the company they worked for. To them, this meant that by looking at where they’ve been in the past with their employment, they could determine a course of action on where they wanted to go in their future.

If you’re looking for a new job, contact Award Staffing. We can help you find a new work opportunity that is a good fit for your skills, education level, and current job goals.