Successful Tactics for Multimedia Recruiting

“Recruitment companies need to focus less on sales and more on marketing, especially using social media to build communities and CRM to connect and build relationships.”

Marketing to talent through social media avenues is more than “just one way to recruit.” It’s a must for every company. We live in a talent-driven market. If you want to attract the best talent, then you better be catering to said talent, and that means becoming a multimedia specialist. Candidates expect to be the focal point. They want – make that demand – the personal touch or they’re off to another company who will meet them where they’re at – and that’s on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, – you get the picture. They care about what their friends say; they listen to social networks and reviews, they want to know a company’s brand.

Consider these statistics.

· 89% of companies plan to use social media in their recruiting
· 70% claim they’ve made successful hires via social media recruiting
· 80% say they use it to find passive talent

So, what’s the issue if companies are already thick in the social media scene. The issue isn’t “using” social media; it’s, are we using it with finesse?Successful recruiters must become cross-functional multimedia specialists.

Begin with building your company brand. Create a strong online reputation – a reputation of integrity, ethics, warmth and caring, and making a difference both globally and in your community.

· Know your industry and communicate with potential candidates via their interests.
· Connect with current and potential industry leaders.
· Be personal and authentic.
· Choose the social networks that appeal to the audience you want to attract.
· Be willing to experiment – discover which profiles will earn the highest level of engagement.
· Target your messages, share your style and define your culture, all through social media angles.
· Establish your company as a reliable authority in your industry.

As Alice Clarke says, in a post she wrote for the TimeDoctorBlog,  

“Social media give you the tools to present your business proposal in the best possible light. Thus, the first key to effective recruitment is being active online and establishing yourself as the authority in the respective field. Most companies keep the relationship with customers in mind when building their social media presence. These channels, however, can be used to accomplish a wide array of additional goals.”

Studies and surveys indicate that:

· 79% of job seekers will use social media (Glassdoor)
· 64% will research a company online, and if they can’t find information, more than half of them will move on to other job offers. (CareerBuilder)

Choose the best social networks for your industry and learn how to use them to attract the talent you need.

Multimedia Tips


· Create a company profile Keep it updated. Share information about your services and link to your blog or other social media sites.
· Utilize LinkedIn’s advanced search capabilities to discover passive talent. Search LinkedIn for passive candidates. Gain a more complete picture of both passive and active candidates via capability, credentials, and skills screening.
· Participate in groups, post status updates, and utilize the question and answer portion to build relationships with experts in your industry. Being connected will often open the door to passive candidates.
· Connect with potential candidates via InMail and referrals.


· Grow your followers. Tweet about open positions from the company’s primary consumer account. Cross-promote your Twitter account from your website, and other social networks. Follow other social media accounts within your industry and retweet pertinent info.
· Use Twitter to show your company style and culture. Don’t just tweet about your job openings, but also about company happenings.
· Be active and present. Quick responses build engagement.
· Use hashtags. It’s a great way to get more people to see your tweets, but don’t overdo – your tweets will come across as spam. Use relevant hashtags from other social networks, but also create your own.


· Post intriguing, attention-getting job posts that clearly spell out the requisites without losing your company voice and personality.
· Post company events that establish your culture.
· Attract attention to job fairs as well.
· Post interesting industry-related articles, as well as ones that draw a warm fuzzy.
· Offer candidate and referral opportunities with rewards.
· Post live videos with current employees sharing what they like about the company.


· Use Instagram to build trust with potential candidates by letting them see your human side and your company’s culture. Take office photos that shout teamwork, and show employees having fun.
· Advertise a position visually. Take a photo of the highlights of an open position, and when and where they can apply.
· Share links to company blog posts.
· Use hashtags – across the social media board, hashtags further your reach.
· Focus on quality – not quantity. As the undercover recruiter points out.

“Keep your posts simple and high quality, with a clear focus and connection with your brand. Users don’t want to be bombarded with dozens of poor-quality updates that take up their newsfeed and don’t really contribute any value.”

Be Mobile Friendly

· Mobile recruiting is here to stay. According to Glassdoor, 89% of job seekers say their mobile device is an essential tool for job searching, and 45% use it to search for jobs at least once a day.
· Develop a mobile-enabled application process. Keep it simple with one-click apply options and easy-to-follow links. Include an option to apply by uploading a LinkedIn profile.
· Use automated text messaging to acknowledge application received, as well as sending reminders about interviews.
· Create relevant mobile-optimized content about the company to enable potential applicants to get to know who the company is and for what it stands.


In Summary: Building your cross-functional multimedia skills is essential. Using social media effectively is about maximizing your reach. It is an extension of your company and reflects your brand.  To get the results you’re seeking, establish a company social media policy that is based on a team approach and creates the right culture.

· Use the social media platforms, networks, and techniques that fit your industry and attract talent accordingly.
· Focus on the candidates’ experience.
· Stay current, relevant, and post attention-grabbing content.

Multimedia is a recruiting staple – stay ahead of the game and win the talent war. Learn how our Recruiting Specialist – Amy Mayberry is being effective in Multimedia Recruiting.

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