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How to Prepare Your Company for Gen Z

Two of the most preeminent qualities a company can have are adaptability and the willingness to evolve. As convenient as it is to stay the same, especially if certain systems and protocols have a proven track record of working well; for the continued success and expansion of your enterprise, it’s important to make adjustments with the times.

Just when you thought you had millennials and their approach to the workplace figured out, a new wave of individuals has entered the picture: Gen Z. If you have yet to experience them at your company, they will be arriving to the workplace before you know it. Born between the years of 1997 and 2012, and known as the most diverse generation in history so far, they are beginning to revolutionize the workforce by being the first true digital natives and bringing back the lost concept of in-person interaction.

Despite any preconceived notions of them being a generation that is glued to their phone or has a short attention span; studies and surveys say otherwise. Research has repeatedly shown that they are actually a group that values good, old fashioned hard work and longs to have a secure job that can offer long-term stability. Truthfully, having a few Gen Z ers on you team can be an asset to the mission of your organization. However, there are certain non-traditional values that they hold that need to be considered, if you want to attract them to your association. Here are some ways you can prepare to welcome Gen Z into your company.

1. Be Transparent/Tell Them What to Expect

Believe it or not, they actually want to be deeply invested in their company and the work that they do. They are truly willing to rise to any challenge. As a group that watched their parents struggle during the Great Recession, they value security. This is why it is important to tell them what they can expect when they come to work. It is important that they choose the right place. Be very specific about all of the assignments the job will entail, what the dress code, time-off, and attendance policies are, and what a typical day will look like. As a generation that was exposed to plenty of negativity with social media and quick access to news outlets, they are more skeptical by nature. The way to make them feel more comfortable with applying and accepting a position in your company is with transparency.

2. Offer Quick Responses

While this may seem a bit unreasonable to those of prior generations, are they really wrong for wanting quick access and on-the-spot responses? In the digital age we live in, we all literally have a phone and internet connection at our fingertips 100% of the time. (Adjusting with the times, remember?) Current technology gives us the ability to offer instantaneous responses, be it via social media, through email, or through text. If you want to attract the Gen Z generation to your company, this begins before they even apply. Have someone on your team who checks and responds to social media messages daily. If they submit an application/résumé, respond within a day or two. Getting them in the door begins with making a good first impression. 

3. Emphasize Wellbeing and Work-Life Balance

Although they want to be immersed in their jobs, they are not a group that will prioritize work over their personal wellbeing. In fact, 40 % of Gen Z ranks work-life balance as their number one factor when choosing a place to work. This means offering mental health days, being flexible with hours, and being sure they know they are not obligated to answer phone calls or respond to emails during their time off. This will benefit both them as employees as well as you as an employer, because allowing employees to take care of themselves outside of work will lead to more focus, drive, and greater productivity while at work. If you’re looking to attract high-quality employees from this generation, be sure to discuss this on your company’s social media pages.

4. Offer above Average Pay

Unlike their millennial counterparts, pay is at the top of their mind when choosing a place to work. While millennials value freedom and creativity, Gen Zers value security. The majority of this generation, although young, has already started a savings account and has been known to do whatever it takes to get ahead as early as possible. Similar to millennials, many of them have left or will leave college with a significant amount of debt that could take decades to pay off. They are also reaching adulthood in a time where cost of living is high no matter where you live. As a group that strives to be financially savvy, you will have much more luck attracting this generation with good pay verses good benefits or any other perks. They will even be willing to work longer hours as long as they are rewarded for it.

5. Offer Social Experiences and Face-to-Face Interaction

Does this one surprise you? The truth is, that while millennials are technology pioneers, Gen Z never experienced a point in time when they didn’t have some type of technology at their disposal. While they do tend to spend entire days on and off social media apps like Instagram and TikTok, only interacting with others through a screen has left them with high social anxiety and feeling isolated at times. Even if your company offers the option to work from home part of the time, team building and camaraderie are crucial for keeping Gen Zers happy. Be sure to host regular team meetings and make some of them in person. Also, offer after work outings, company get-togethers, and plenty of opportunities to collaborate via team projects, volunteering, event planning, etc.

Overall, Gen Z is a generation that will go the extra mile as long as they feel appreciated, listened to and feel that they are working for the right company. They know they are responsible for driving their own careers and want to be judged by their merit and contributions.

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Days When Your Employee are Most Likely to Quit

We spend a lot of time talking to job seekers who aren’t happy with their current work. We hear a number of factors that can cause employees to look elsewhere. They might be unhappy with their compensation package; they might believe they are deserving of a different role; or, they might be looking to relocate to another city.

Most employers are aware of these reasons but may not realize that there are actually certain dates that can prompt an employee, even a seemingly happy one, to start looking elsewhere. These dates can vary in significance, but all serve the same purpose: they can cause employees to rethink their futures.

Know these days

Essentially, there are three major days that hiring managers should be on the lookout for if they are monitoring internal happiness:

  • • Class reunions
  • • Significant birthdays (such as turning 40 or 50)
  • • Work anniversaries

These dates all prompt measurable spikes in job hunting activity. The dates make sense when you think about it. Class reunions can prompt competition and networking with old peers. Significant birthdays encourage reconsidering life paths. Work anniversaries can indicate the easily missed passage of time.

It should come as no surprise that employees re-evaluate their status at these times and start considering their options. They may begin actively searching for a new opportunity. Fortunately, there are some easy and simple steps diligent hiring managers can take to ensure that they are keeping their talented workers with their own organization for the foreseeable future.

Pay attention to your teams

First, make sure that your HR team has dates like birthdays and work anniversaries on their radar. They have easy access to this information so it should be at the tops of their minds throughout the year. Creating a shareable online calendar specific to employee birthdays and anniversaries could be a good way to get everyone on the same page.

Additionally, your HR team should have an internal recruiter on staff, or have internal recruiting be one of the responsibilities of one of your team members. Companies that employ internal recruiters who inform existing employees of new opportunities within the organization report less turnover and significant savings, thanks to fewer searches that consume time and money at rapid rates. It is always far more efficient to keep existing employees on staff rather than seek new ones.

Show your appreciation

You want to make sure that you are expressing appreciation for employee contributions on a regular basis, not just in the face of notable anniversaries. Making this more consistent will make employees feel more comprehensively valued, as will emphasizing their progress in their roles over their time spent in them. Highlighting their skills and achievements rather than how many times the calendar has turned over will make them consider their own growth rather than just “time served” at a job.

Significant milestones in a person’s life can cause introspection, and your employees are no different. However, you can make sure that they spend this time appreciating their own achievements by emphasizing their progress and paying close attention to their needs and goals.

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5 Reasons Minnesota Companies are Hiring Millennials

If you are in need of new employees, you think of a growing generation… think millennials. Millennials can be defined as anyone born in the late 1980s to the early 2000s. Here are five reasons why you should hire millennials:

They Are Energetic and Eager

Millennials have just entered the workforce, which means they are energetic and eager to work. They aren’t yet burnt out on working long hours and doing the same job day after day. This means they have more energy to dedicate to your company and are eager to learn as much as possible while employed.

They Have Meaningful Ideas

Millennials have grown up in a world that encourages creativity and originality. This means that most millennials have really meaningful ideas that could be helpful to your business if they were to be implemented. This ideation mentality will hopefully inspire your other employees and your management team to make the necessary changes.

They Are Willing to Collaborate

Millennials have been raised in an educational and occupational culture where sharing was both accepted and encouraged. This means that they are very likely to collaborate with their other peers and work together on tasks that lend themselves to this principle. This will lead to improved communication and productivity for your business.

They Can Adapt Quickly

Millennials are natural multitaskers, so they can adapt quickly to any situation in which they are placed. This means you will be able to assign different tasks on different days to your employees depending on who wants to take on what role. This will make your company more flexible as different workplace issues arise.

They Are Up-to-Date on Technology

If you aren’t too technologically savvy, you need to hire millennials. Millennials are extremely updated on the latest technological trends, and they also will be able to teach everyone on your staff how to use certain technologies.



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Understanding Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers, and Millennials in the Workforce

We’re at a fascinating time in the workforce right now. Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers, and Millennials are all working together in harmony but in different capacities. Here’s what you need to understand about the differences between Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers, and Millennials in the workforce.

Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are the quintessential definition of “workaholics.” They are used to working extremely long hours to achieve the results they want, and believe that work ethic directly translates to work quality. Baby Boomers believe that positions of authority and power should be granted to those who have acquired a fair amount of experience and who have worked hard enough for it.

Many Baby Boomers have sacrificed other pursuits (such as families, vacation, and hobbies) in favor of working the traditional way up the ladder. They expect to be given respect for all the time they have put into their careers.

Gen X-ers

Gen X-ers are typically viewed as being cautious and intelligent when it comes to working. They don’t work as many hours as Baby Boomers, and they work “smarter” than Millennials do. They would much rather prefer to have a task assigned to them and complete it in entirety before moving on to the next task. Gen X-ers are inherently independent and excel in situations in which they are given the chance to work alone or assign their own values. In terms of their role, Gen X-ers tend to be the people in the company who can take a certain task and finish it without wasting or diverting any time.


Millennials are firmly in the camp of working to live, and not the other way around. Many millennials view their jobs as a means to an end and prefer to leave the office as soon as the clock strikes five o’clock. Unlike Gen X-ers, Millennials prefer to collaborate with one another and multi-task on many different projects at once.

Millennials also differ from Baby Boomers in that they aren’t workaholics and view their worth as being defined by contribution as opposed to merit or experience. Overall, millennials make good employees if they feel like their voice is being heard and if it’s understood that work is not their primary passion in life.

If you are trying to decide whether you should hire a Baby Boomer, Gen X-er, or Millennial, contact Award Staffing. We will be able to sit down with you and assess the correct situation for your business depending on your unique needs. All of the generations provide very different experiences and have different outlooks, so it is important to take that into account when making your hiring decisions.



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How MN Companies are Becoming Millennial-Friendly

Millennials are increasingly becoming a larger part of the workforce. If you want to stay on top of hiring trends and have a company that’s able to advance, you will need to make your company a hub for millennial innovation and creativity. Here’s how you can make your company millennial-friendly:

Hire on Social Media

Millennials live on social media, so if you want your company to be millennial-friendly, try reaching out to them through that platform. You can use social media as a way to inform millennials about job postings, or you can even take it one step further by actually reaching out to them via a specific social media platform such as Twitter or Facebook.

Have a Flexible Schedule

Millennials love flexibility, because they have such a wide range of interests. If you really want your company to be millennial-friendly, you’re going to need to give them a flexible schedule. Before you shake your head no and refuse, please keep in mind that there are different ways to accommodate flexibility. For example, you could have employees choose different days and hours off so it’s not too many at the same time – as long as Millennials are doing the choosing, they’re happy.

Assign Responsibility Based on Merit, Not Age/Time

If you want your company to be millennial-friendly, you’re going to need to assign responsibility based on merit as opposed to time or age. Millennials value the here and now; if they work hard, they expect to be rewarded for it. Therefore, if you strive to have your company give responsibility or reward based on tasks completed or effort shown, you will be well on your way to being millennial-friendly.

Give Everyone an Equal Voice

One of the biggest ways you can make your company a great place for Millennials to work is by giving everyone an equal voice within the company. While this doesn’t mean that everyone has to make decisions, it does mean that everyone listens to what everyone else has to say in terms of opinions or feedback about how to complete certain things. You’ll find that this will make all of your employees that much more collaborative with each other.



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