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5 Ways to Start Entry-Level Jobs for Graduates

Are you a soon to be high school graduate looking for summer employment? Lucky for you, there are plenty of entry-level temporary to long-term opportunities out there. You just need the right resources to guide you in the right direction. From perfecting your resume, utilizing your resources, and networking with employers- we’ve got you covered. Knowing how to present yourself professionally is key! By the end, making the transition from student to professional will be easier than ever.

Here are 5 easy ways to kickstart your summer job:

1. Write a Professional Resume

Writing a clean and concise resume is an essential part of the job search process, as it provides employers with a snapshot of your professional qualifications and experience. A well-crafted resume can help you stand out from the competition, showcase your skills and experiences, and make a positive first impression on potential employers. This is key for employers to quickly scan your resume to determine if you are a good fit for their job opening.

There are 6 sections: Header, Overview, Experience, Education, Skills, and Awards.

Some general rules are:

  • Avoid using overly complex language in your resume writing; keep it simple yet professional with no typos, poor grammar, or spelling mistakes present.
  • Highlight any unique experiences you’ve had like internships or volunteer work that demonstrate specific transferable skills, especially if they relate directly to the position you are applying for.
  • Utilize strong action words throughout your resume that describe how you achieved results , such as “managed”, “created” or “led”.
  • Include technical and soft skills
  • Highlight any extracurriculars like team sports or clubs
  • List any awards or certifications you’ve achieved
  • Avoid personal photos and colorful themes

For an in-depth review of what information should be in each section, check out resume tips by Indeed.

2. Find Local Employers at School Career Centers

A great resource for finding job opportunities in your local area is your school’s career center. They often have developed relationships with local employers and resources for beginning job seekers. Career centers offer a wide range of resources, including job listings tailored to your specific field of interest, job fairs, and workshops to help you succeed in your field.

School job fairs are a great place for soon to be graduates to network and get exposure to a variety of industries. It’s an opportunity to meet with potential employers in person, learn more about their company, and even make connections that could lead to future internships or jobs. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, getting career advice from industry professionals is a major bonus. So for those looking for entry-level positions after graduation, connecting with your school’s business or career center is a good start.

3. Search for Openings on Social Media

You can also use Facebook groups and other social media platforms like Handshake or Indeed to discover entry-level job opportunities. Many local businesses frequently post their open positions that require little or no prior experience. With the right search terms and filters, you can easily discover a wealth of openings and connect with hiring managers in your desired field. Start by searching for groups that are specific to your local area or city. Next, make sure the group has been active recently. Finally, search for terms such as ‘temporary jobs’, ‘entry-level’, or ‘high school diploma’ to find job postings tailored to your criteria. By using all the resources available to you, you can increase your exposure and find the best fit for your skills and interests.

4. Attend Workshops and Events

Finding career workshops near you can be a great way to get your foot in the door of various entry-level positions. Whether you’re just graduating high school or looking for temporary work, attending these events can provide invaluable resources and contacts that could help launch your career. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities available to find such events in your area.

Start by searching online for hiring events and workshops near you. Employers will post information about events they are hosting, and these can often be a great place to start looking for entry-level positions. Additionally, many community organizations host career days which provide valuable networking opportunities. For example the MN Employment and Economic Development Department (MN DEED) Career Force network  offers many opportunities for job seekers including interview tips, hiring events, and Q &A career advice sessions.

When attending be sure to bring copies of your resume and dress professionally. This is also your opportunity to ask questions and show off your enthusiasm for the job market. You’ll want to take advantage of this chance to make valuable contacts with recruiters and career experts who could be a key part of your job search.

5. Connect with Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies are a great way to start building job experience after graduating high school. Not only can they connect you to great positions at local businesses, but recruiters can also coach you on resume and interview prep. Time is of the essence here, so make sure to stay on top of things!

Many of their positions are temporary or contract based which is great for summer jobs as they offer a unique opportunity to gain skills and industry experience in a short amount of time. In some cases, if you wish to continue, they may hire you on after.

Remember to be patient. Finding your first job might take some time, but don’t get discouraged. Keep applying, keep networking, and keep building your skills. Your hard work will pay off in the end. Keep a positive attitude, stay focused on your goals, and enjoy the journey!

At Award Staffing we specialize in light industrial and skilled positions, as well as administrative. This is a great opportunity for seniors because with summer around the corner, you’ll want to get your job lined up. Whether you’re looking for something temporary or more permanent, we’ll help you find the perfect job that fits your goals and interests. Our recruiters are happy to discuss further details with you. Contact us or check out our job opportunities for openings in your area.

5 Tips to Leverage Your Network: Finding Your Next Job

Networking is one of the most important things you can do when looking for a new job. It’s how you meet people who can help you find the right position, and it’s also a great way to learn about companies and their culture. When you network, you connect with other professionals in your field who can help you make connections and find the right opportunity. Where do you meet these people? Professional organizations, job fairs, and even social media are great platforms to meet new people and provide many helpful resources to get you started.

But how can you leverage your network to find your next great position? Here are five tips:

1. Get Involved in Professional Organizations

One of the best ways to network is to get involved in professional organizations related to your field. These organizations often host events where you can meet other professionals and learn more about what’s going on in your industry. They can also be a great resource for job opportunities, and can provide you with a wealth of resources.

Professional organizations offer many resources, such as job boards, career guides, resume tips, and interview advice. These resources can help you find a job that is meaningful and fulfilling. You can also take additional training and education courses through these organizations. This help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends in your industry. Additionally, by gaining expertise in your field through added training, you will stand out from the competition. This helps you get your foot in the door when networking with other professionals. Therefore these types of organizations can help you connect with potential employers, and achieve success in your job search. So if you’re looking for a fulfilling job, be sure to join a professional organization and take advantage of all they have to offer!

2. Attend Job Fairs

Job fairs are a great way to connect with potential employers. At job fairs, you can meet with representatives from various companies and learn more about their organizations. You can also submit your resume and learn about job openings.

Job fairs are a great opportunity to network with other professionals in your field. By talking to representatives from different companies, you can learn more about the industry and what kinds of jobs are available. You can also submit your resume and find out what the company is looking for in a candidate. This is a great opportunity to stand out from the competition and make a good impression on potential employers. Thus, you’re able to find a great position by meeting with employee representatives at job fairs.

3. Utilize Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with other professionals in your field, even if you’re not able to meet in person. LinkedIn is a particularly useful platform for networking, as it allows you to reach out to people you may not know personally and request informational interviews. You may not know it, but many companies host webinars through LinkedIn. Webinars are a great way to learn more about a certain topic without having to leave home. They’re also a great way to meet people who might be able to help you advance your career.

Surprisingly, Facebook can also be a great resource. There are lots of community groups you can join depending on your industry, area, or interests. These groups are a way for employers and those looking for their next great opportunity to connect. Recruiters often post their new positions in these forums so you can easily find and start communicating with them. Make sure to check back often as new positions are added!

4. Stay in Touch With Your Contacts

Once you’ve made a connection with someone, it’s important to stay in touch. This doesn’t mean that you need to be best friends; simply sending an email every few months or meeting up for coffee once in awhile will suffice. Staying in touch will ensure that your relationships stay strong and that people will be more likely to think of you when an opportunity arises.

Meeting up with your contacts is a great way to expand your professional network. The more people you know, the more opportunities you’ll be exposed to. Your contacts may be able to introduce you to their friends or colleagues who are looking for someone with your skillset. They may also know about job openings before they’re even advertised. Second, meeting new people can help you learn new skills. Every person you meet has different experiences and knowledge that they can share with you. You never know what you might learn by talking to someone new.

5. Ask For Help When You Need It

There’s no shame in asking for help, especially when it comes to something as important as finding a job. If you need help finding an opportunity or making connections, reach out to your network and see if anyone can point you in the right direction.

Reaching out to your network can help you find a job in a number of ways. For example, if you’re looking for an opportunity in a specific field, talking to people who work in that field can help you learn more about the industry and what kinds of jobs are available. You can also ask your contacts for advice on how to improve your resume or networking skills.

Your network can also help you get face to face time with potential employers. If you know someone who works at a company you’re interested in, they may be able to put in a good word for you or set up an informational interview. Finally, staying in touch with your network will ensure that people will be more likely to think of you when an opportunity arises. So reach out to your contacts and see how they can help you find your next great job!

Consult a Staffing Agency

Networking is essential to build your prospects whether your starting a new career or looking to advance. By getting involved in professional organizations, attending job fairs, utilizing social media, staying in touch with your contacts, and using your network, you’ll be well on your way to making the connections you need to find the perfect opportunity.

Award Staffing is a great resource to help build your network. Our recruiters find you the best position by connecting you to the right people. We partner with many local businesses to find you a position that fits your needs, experience, and lifestyle. So, don’t wait: check out our current job opportunities today!

How to Build Connections in Your Community

One of our biggest priorities at Award is building meaningful connections within our community. Not only are we in the staffing industry where relationships are everything, we also value giving back and partnering with local organizations to make a difference within our community through our Award Cares Program.

Whether you are in the staffing industry or not, we highly recommend creating a solid foundation of relationships with other businesses. Doing so well help you build rapport and lead to a good reputation within your community. This will likely get you regular referral and marketing/publicity opportunities, which will make the surrounding businesses want to partner with you, in some capacity in the future.

Here are our recommendations for how to create connections in your local community:

1. Follow and Engage with them on Social Media

It’s no secret that having a social media presence is absolutely crucial in the world we live in. By leveraging social media, you have the chance to showcase your brand’s personality and share your company’s culture. Because all social media platforms are algorithm based, following and regularly liking/commenting their posts will give them more exposure. Also, by leaving positive comments on their page, their prospective customers and clients will automatically trust them more.

2. Send them Holiday and Checking-In Gifts and Notes

Building relationships is the first step to creating meaningful connections, but it is equally important to maintain them. Every so often, send the executives of the company a gift or note, letting them know you are thinking of them. The people who run businesses can be skeptical of partnering with other companies when they feel like the other company is only out to see what’s in it for them. Doing this will create a human-to-human connection. Also, it doesn’t have to cost money. Even an email just to check in every once in a while can go a long way.

3. Provide Recommendations

When creating relationships, the best thing that you can do is come from a place of value. When communicating with other businesses, problems that they are facing will inevitably become a topic of conversation occasionally. Offer your unique perspective and solutions if you deem it fitting for the conversation. If nothing comes to mind right away, reach out later with a few ideas and resources. This shows that you were listening and that you genuinely care.

4. Refer and Connect Them

As networking is such a crucial part of any business, you will inevitably run into individuals and other companies who could use their services. If you know those people or organizations on a personal level, introduce them. If it is someone you are just meeting, give them your business associate’s contact information and ask that person or company to tell them that they were sent by you. People will be happy to return this favor.

5. Share their Needs and Wins with Your Network

Going back to social media, another great thing you can do for a business associate is spread the word about their needs and/or successes. If they post that they are hiring, share it your LinkedIn and Facebook connections. If they post about a recent win they had, help them celebrate by sharing their post. This will communicate genuine appreciation for their partnership and will incentivize them to do the same for you.

If your company is in need of employees, we at Award Staffing are here to help. Contact us with your staffing needs here.



How to Expand Your Professional Network

Whether or not you’re currently in search of a new position or career, it is always a good idea to continuously be growing your network. You just never know when the time will come that you are in need of a change and if you keep your circle big, hopefully sometime down the line you are able to put someone else in contact with the right people as well.

When most people hear the term “networking”, they envision a cocktail party that comprises of hustlers handing out their business cards wondering who they can meet that will skyrocket them to the top. While that is definitely one of the better known ways to network, there are many other ways to meet and develop business and personal relationships with people both in-person and virtually.

Here are 5 ideas for expanding your network:


This one sounds obvious, but the majority of people use social networking platforms solely as a way of staying in touch with long-distance family members or old friends from high school and college. If you use your social media as a way of growing your personal brand, it can be an incredibly useful tool. Get involved in industry related groups and forums, post or share links about industry related topics on your page, comment and engage on posts relevant to your field or interests. This will give you a ton of credibility and you’ll start to be seen as a go-to person for job/industry knowledge. Networking isn’t just about asking, it’s also about giving.

In the case that you are attending an event such as a convention or trade show, reach out to others who are attending and get to know some of them before the day of. If you prefer not to mix business with personal, you can always set up a separate account specifically for networking.


Even if you don’t have your own business, you should still have an email list. Begin with listing out everyone that you know professionally from college, internships, past jobs, past events, etc. Include their email and where they live. Then expand to friends of friends. Keep adding to your list every time you make a connection and be sure to keep in touch with each person from time to time. This can look like a phone call or text, an email, or a direct message on social media. Staying on people’s radar is key; don’t just create the list and then ditch it. Networking is equally about being seen and keeping people in mind.


Ask yourself, “If I wanted to run into more people in my industry, where would they be spending time?” What coffee shop do they have regular meetings? What bar do they have company happy hours once per month? If there is a certain industry professional you want to meet who regularly hosts or attends specific events, make it a point to be there. And then, be sure you introduce yourself and engage in meaningful conversation. The point of attending these events is to get to know people and for them to get to know you. Be sure you make yourself known by being friendly and cordial, and having something valuable to bring to the table.


In the long term, people are going to remember the kind things you did for them. A few times per week or per month, choose a few people and do something to benefit their personal brand. Endorse them on LinkedIn, leave their company a good review on Yelp, connect two people you know, recommend them to the write people. There is an endless list of ways you can make a professional, kind gesture for someone. People will remember when you did this and will be glad to return the favor.

  1. Consider Volunteering

When you put yourself out there, you just never know who you’re going to meet. And, depending on what type of volunteering you are doing, you may even have a chance to show people some of your skills and work ethic. Opportunities often come from being in the right place at the right time, so the more you make an effort to be involved, the higher your chances are of finding something. People will also remember your assistance and will think of you when an opportunity becomes available.

Whoever you meet, be sure to add them to your contact list.

As you can see, there are many different paths you can take to growing your network. Remember, growing a network takes time, so be patient as you’re expanding.

If you are currently in search of a new job, be sure to check out our newest postings here.

How to Network – Even When You Don’t Want to

If you’re like most working individuals, you have limited time in your day – dealing with work responsibilities, household tasks, or you may be going back to school too. With busy lives how is someone able to make time to network, also?

Most individuals recognize that the individuals who you know can be critical for finding your future job. When you are short on time, there are tactics for making the most of expanding your professional network – here is how:

Start Small, Then Work Your Way Up-

When most people think of networking, they tend to think of large events that take out a significant amount of time from their day. To some this may seem like the only way to meet new people, it isn’t the only way.

Start by focusing on something smaller that is easy to fit into your daily schedule. Try sending a message via social media to individuals who are working you in your industry. Doing this only takes a few minutes and can easily be inserted into a break throughout the day. Over time, small efforts like this do add up to get the most out of the impact of your efforts in just minutes a day.

Every Opportunity is an Opportunity to Network-

What is your perception of networking? If you have a negative mindset about networking, a simple change in your attitude is all it takes to fit more networking opportunities into your daily life. Start by keeping it basic when spending time at get-togethers with friends and family. These gatherings can be useful for networking to hone your networking skills. Ultimately starting with friends and family can help you build stronger relationships while may even leading to new job opportunities that you may have not ever thought of.

The key to most successful networkers is that they utilize a casual setting to meet new professionals. This may be as simple as getting a cup of coffee or being in an elevator with someone new – either way, these opportunities can be an excellent way for striking up conversations with new possible contacts. By making the saying the first “hello” you never know what a stranger does for a living unless you ask.

Make It a Routine-

As start seeking out small, easy ways for networking, make sure to commit yourself to those activities. Doing small, simple things every day, you will make networking a natural part of your life – establishing a pattern of positive actions that you don’t even think about.

If you’re looking for new employment opportunities, the hiring team at Award Staffing want to talk with you. Contact us today to see how our network with the best businesses in Minnesota can help you move your career forward.