Text Message Recruiting 101 – Things to know

Texting is quickly becoming a valuable recruiting tool. (Check out ten reasons for it in our previous blog “Text Recruiting Matters”), but like every aspect of recruiting talent, there are rules of engagement. Following text recruiting protocol will keep your company in the talent spotlight.

• Create a template to ensure efficiency and organization. Some examples of texting tools include TextUs, TextRecruit, Canvas, and Trumpia.
• Be aware of generations. While Millennials and GenZ “live by texting alone,” previous generations aren’t as quick to respond to the idea.
• Treat text recruiting as a business proposition – which it is – and remain professional throughout the entire process. Yes, we live in a casual world, but business is still business, so be professional in your approach.
• Refrain from texting after work hours. Surveys reveal that most candidates prefer to receive texts between 8:00 a.m. and noon.
• Customize your approach to the position.

Salaried positions:

• Use snappy, attention-getting opener for your initial text to a candidate. Introduce yourself, and market the open position. (If there is a previous connection to a potential candidate, begin your text message by acknowledging it.)
• Be personable, approachable, and sincere. People recognize the genuine – and the hype.
• Engage potential candidates, but don’t come across as a pushy salesperson.
• Clearly define the growth opportunities available with the open position. Candidates want to know how it will benefit them.
• Provide information on typical job responsibilities first, before discussing requirements.
• Share the candidate’s value – how they would play an essential role in your company mission and goals.
• Leave mobile-friendly contact information at the end of your first contact.
• Include all the above but be concise. You aren’t writing an essay. Texting is a short, sweet, and to-the-point method of communication.
• Follow-up immediately to every response. 53% of candidates trust a company who responds promptly

Hourly & Entry-level Employees:

You’re reaching previous contacts or making cold calls, hiring for hourly, entry-level positions is all about quickly connecting with mega groups of candidates. Speed and responsiveness are everything, the tools that set your employer brand apart from the competition.

• Keep it simple – from questions to instructions.
• Keep it short.
• Enable two-way communication.
• End with a specific call-to-action.
• Be mobile friendly – ensuring that it’s a simple process to respond and apply online.
• Ensure a fast response.

Moving Forward

Utilizing text messaging goes beyond the initial recruitment process. Once you have connected with a candidate – whether salaried or hourly – texting remains a valuable tool. It provides the ability to react promptly and efficiently. Reaching out to candidates in-process or onboarding, and passing on vital information as the click of a button ensures hiring success. The ability to pass on and to react to real-time information is one of the main reason for incorporating SMS into recruiting.


Make appointments for interviews, and then send directions, updates, and reminders to reduce “forgotten” interview appointments and ghosting. For example, when Conway, a trucking company adopted SMS, they decreased orientation absenteeism by 5 percent and save an estimated $200,000+ in annual recruiting costs.


Text messaging software enables recruiters and companies to keep candidates instantly informed of their application status and provide links to additional information.

Relationship building:

Building relationship throughout a candidate’s application journey is the gold standard” (Smashfly). Text messaging encourages the relationship, allowing direct communication between recruiters, talent, and companies during the entire hiring process. Whether it’s pertinent information and details or personalized support texts, it’s a connection that builds relationships, substantiating success in the moment and in the future.


In our candidate-driven, the increasingly competitive market for talent, standing out is a challenge. SMS can be a powerful promotional tool. It’s effective in improving communication, time-management, and successful hires – a win/win for everyone.

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