The Three P’s of a Job Search

If there’s anything positive about the current state of the workforce, which economists are calling The Great Resignation, it is that current job seekers have the ability to be particular about what they are looking for in their next job and/or company. This is an opportunity for candidates to find a place that they will be with for the long haul because of the fact that there are millions more openings than there are people willing to take them at the moment.

But the question is: do you know what you want? To make certain your next position meets your needs and non-negotiables; you must get explicitly clear on what your own expectations are. This begins by listing out your priorities and asking yourself the right questions. These three “P’s” will be helpful in determining the critical components of what you want in a job.

1. Practicality

This involves taking a good look at what your lifestyle involves outside of work and deciding whether you want to work around it or are willing to make changes to meet the needs of the position. Do you need evenings and weekends off? Do you thrive in a certain type of environment? Do you prefer a structured environment with clear deadlines or do better moving at your own pace? Do you do well in an office environment or would you rather be working out in the field? Right now, it does not have to be all about the company and what you can offer them. Since modern times post-pandemic are being classified as “a candidate market”; use this time to your advantage by looking for what companies can offer you. If you want to be happy over the long term, it’s best not to jump into the first thing that comes your way just because it’s in your area of expertise. Make sure that any job you apply for checks most of the boxes for you. Remember, you deserve to be happy just as much as your employer deserves to have a stellar employee. Set yourself up for success by identifying what you want and choosing roles that are a good match.

2. Passion

If you want to sustain your work and schedule without burning out, it is crucial that there is passion behind the work you are doing. While everyone would like to be passionate about the exact work they are doing as well as the industry that are in,  though that is the ideal, there are multiple ways you can be passionate about your job that many people don’t tend to think about. Do you like managing a team and providing feedback? Do you enjoy writing and content creating? Do you like being part of projects from start to finish? Do you like onboarding and working with clients? Maybe a company that you’re interested in is working to end a social problem…No matter what it is, passion is one of the biggest factors in staying motivated while you’re at work; therefore you must find it in one way or another.

3. Personal Fulfillment

This goes for your work and your personal life. In order to continue to enjoy your work, you have to make sure that it is not interfering too much with your personal life. While being passionate about your job is great, you can’t get so caught up in working that it is the only thing you do. That is a sure-fire way to lead to burn out. As for your job goes, being fulfilled will ensure that you are happy to show up every day and are doing your best work. Like passion, there are a number of ways you can find personal fulfillment in your workplace. Some examples include: enjoying the team you work with, enjoying your day-to-day tasks, knowing that the work you’re doing is contributing to the greater good, and regularly hitting your goals.

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