Top 6 Manufacturing Jobs: Build Your Dream Career in the Industry

If you’re looking for a manufacturing job, then congratulations: You’ve taken the first step toward an exciting and rewarding career. Manufacturing is a field that offers countless opportunities to utilize your skills and knowledge in transformative ways. From entry-level to skilled, you’ll find rewarding positions that will help you grow and develop. Whether it’s building life-saving devices or operating machines, your career prospects flounder in the diverse roles a manufacturing job can offer. This makes them an excellent option for those who are looking to build their skillsets and gain valuable experience in the industry. Plus many of them are temp-to-hire opportunities, increasing the likelihood of transitioning to a full-time role.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 6 important types of jobs available within the sector and how they might be the perfect fit for your next job venture.

1. Medical Assembler

One of the most interesting and rewarding manufacturing jobs you can find is Medical Assembler. Medical Assemblers are responsible for assembling, fitting, and installing parts that form subassemblies and final assemblies of medical devices. Your duties may include picking the necessary hardware items, assembling custom components, and operating machinery and equipment. Candidates who excel at this job have basic computer and math skills, as well as basic knowledge of hand and power tools including inspection equipment.

This job involves attention to detail and accuracy as medical devices play a crucial role in saving lives. If you’re the type who loves to be a part of something that makes a real difference in people’s lives, medical assembly is perfect for you.

2. Manufacturing Associate

Another great manufacturing job to consider is a Manufacturing Associate. This role is responsible for assembling products, using microscopes and tools, and removing scrap material from molded parts. Desired qualifications for this role include great attention to detail, and ability to learn basic data entry. This position may also include cross-training in different departments and learning various skills in the manufacturing field. This way, you can progress further in your career by transitioning to different roles with a broader understanding of the industry. This job is great if you are looking for stability and potential for career advancement.

3. Machine Operator

If you have a high mechanical aptitude, then being a Machine Operator might be the perfect fit for you. Machine Operators are responsible for setting up, operating, and maintaining machines that produce goods. This also includes general assembly, setting up sheets and blue prints accurately and measuring parts for accuracy. Requirements for this role are basic computer and math skills, high hand-eye coordination, and ability to work quickly and efficiently. Benefits of this role are the potential for advancement as manufacturing jobs are becoming more technical and require a higher level of expertise.

4. Vault Custodian

Vault custodians play a vital role in the manufacturing facility by managing and inventorying tools or parts. They meticulously keep records of the tools and materials, ensuring optimal utilization. With their keen attention to detail and strong hand-eye coordination, they excel in maintaining inventory accuracy. Additionally, they lend a helping hand to the Shipping department whenever necessary. This position offers an excellent opportunity for career growth, as successful candidates can seamlessly transition into a Shipping Lead or Manager role. Embrace this role, and unlock a world of possibilities in the realm of inventory management and logistics..

5. Shipping Clerk

If you enjoy handling logistics and coordinating with customers, then a Shipping Clerk job might be perfect for you. Shipping Clerks are responsible for tracking orders and shipments and maintaining records and reports. This job involves coordinating with customers or clients and arranging delivery appointments. This may also include dispatching local cartage, managing containers upon arrival, and notifying carriers when empty or loaded. Skills required for this position include strong attention to detail, computer skills, and strong customer service skills. Successful candidates tend to possess a strong sense of urgency and highly efficient problem-solving skills. Candidates find this job meaningful because they can see real-world results each and every day. Your efforts translate into something tangible, giving you visual proof about how hard you’ve worked.

6. Robot Welder

A Robot Welder is a skilled manufacturing job that involves welding and machine maintenance. This career entails a variety of responsibilities and demands a diverse skill set. Your primary duty would be to load parts into appropriate fixtures and operate a robot welder while upholding the prescribed productivity rates and quality expectations. You’ll be expected to inspect welded sections for any flaws and rectify any unsatisfactory welds that you come across. You’ll need to reference diagrams and work instructions to ascertain the correct materials, tools, resources, and procedures to efficiently complete your tasks. Alongside this, you’ll conduct in-process quality checks using various tools to ensure parts align with customer specifications, demonstrating your attention to detail and commitment to quality. Your role might also require minor machine adjustments and preventative maintenance. To thrive in this role, you’ll need strong mathematical skills, computer literacy, and an ability to interpret and work based on diagrams, work orders, specifications, and verbal instructions. All these skills will contribute to your career growth and skill-building in manufacturing.

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If you’re interested in working in the manufacturing field, there are plenty of job opportunities waiting for you. Manufacturing jobs offer the chance to learn new skills and master technical aspects of the industry while also providing room for advancement. From entry-level positions to skilled jobs, there’s always a manufacturing job that suits your interests and skillset. We hope this article will help you make an informed decision on which career path in the manufacturing industry you’d like to pursue. Check out our open opportunities to begin your dream career today!