Why the Right Employees Make All the Difference

No matter what type of business you run, or where you are located in the United States, it is no secret that there are many more job openings than there are people willing to fill them. The pandemic has allowed people to reconsider what is most important to them and as a result, many people have become more particular about the positions they take. Knowing that there are many options out there that would allow them to work from home and having had the time to start their own income generating projects, a large percentage of the population has chosen to either look for a position that doesn’t require their physical presence or leave the workforce entirely to pursue their own venture.

Of course this has business owners and hiring managers in a bind and has significantly slowed down production of all products and services on a national level. This can make it tempting to employ any and all people who apply to your company. However, as inclined as you may be to do that, being sure that you take the time and consideration into hiring the best/right employees is what will be of the biggest benefit in the long run. Here’s why:

Work Ethic

This may just be the most important quality an employee can have. This means they are someone who arrives to work on time, makes productive use of their time, gets their tasks done, and produces quality work. Without work ethic, you will end up wasting payroll on employees that are not getting the job done. It will be better if you hold out to hire the right people than to spend money on a revolving door of employees.

Social Skills

If you choose to hire just anyone who you think can get the job done, you may find yourself with either; an employee who does not get on well with the rest of the team, or someone who does not do well with clients/customers. Although disagreements between employees are inevitable, it’s important to make sure that the people you bring on can get along with others. In the case of needing your team to collaborate on something or communicate often, it’s important to have people who can work well with one another.


Having employees that are reliable is a key component in having a successful operation. This means they show up every day and you as a manager can trust that they are doing their job. Someone who is not dependable will call in at the last minute, have excuses why things aren’t getting done, and may even one day randomly disappear and not come back. This isn’t a good use of the time you spend onboarding employees and you will find your company with plenty of work that still needs to be completed once the days are over. Avoid this by doing your best to find dependable employees.


People with excellent communication skills are often hard to find. There are so many different facets to communication from email and text responses, to being able to get a point across effectively in person. Having a team of people who all have good communication will ensure fewer errors, will result in prompt responses, and will enable you to have a team that is always on the same page.


As the past year and a half has taught all of us, things are inevitably going to come up unexpectedly. Having employees who understand that instead of insisting that “we’ve always done it this way”, will be a major advantage to you and the rest of the team. People who are adaptable are willing to modify their jobs as needed, shift their schedule occasionally if the business needs it, and are open to hearing new ideas. As an employer, it is important to let adaptable employees know they are appreciated, because otherwise they will feel that their flexibility is being taken advantage of and may take their skills somewhere else.

Self- Motivation

People who are self-motivated, do not constantly need to be told what to do. They know what their job is and will see what needs to be done and take the initiative to do it themselves. Having people like this on your team will keep the flow of operations going as well as save you time as you won’t have to regularly stop what you’re doing to give them direction.

Company Culture

In today’s society, company culture is one of the most valued traits a company can have according to employees. It is one of the number one contributors to employee happiness, therefore it is important that when you’re hiring, you look for people who will fit and contribute to your company’s culture. This means people who have a similar mindset about the company’s mission, people who participate in company events, and people who actively work to keep the energy and the environment positive.

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