Why Your Best Employees Quit (And How You Can Fix It)

Every business owner knows that top talent is what makes their organization grow and prosper. We know from listening to you that finding top talent can be a challenge all on its own while keeping that talent is another hurdle.

How can you make sure that you are keeping a happy staff on staff, and what can you do to keep them motivated and working for you?

A lot of reasons that employees are not happy at their job can be obvious – maybe they want bigger or better projects than they’re being assigned to or they simply don’t get along with certain colleagues. However, there are a number of reasons why your best folks are looking elsewhere.

They aren’t being heard

Many unhappy employees tell us that one of their top concerns is that they don’t feel like their voices are heard at their current jobs. This can mean any number of things. Maybe their ideas are ignored, they aren’t considered for certain promotions or they feel like management is unwilling to listen to constructive criticism. Any combination of these factors can make employees feel unappreciated.

Money talks

Budgets (and their constraints) are a constant reality for companies. It seems like managers are always being told to tighten their belts. This can result in the depletion of their talent pool, who are lured to better-paying jobs. However, talent retention should be the top task of any budget manager. It costs far more to find a new employee than to retain a quality one, so it’s vital to make these numbers work.

No chance for promotion

Promotions are a tricky subject. Many employees will feel that they’ve been “passed over” for premium raises and increased responsibility no matter who is elevated. However, hiring managers can make things easier on themselves by ensuring that those promoted represent a cross-section of working and thinking styles rather than just carbon copies of the boss.

Lack of positive feedback

In today’s working world, company cultures can be driven by results, budgets, and timelines. This can lead to a sanitized environment that leaves little room for positive reinforcement. Take the time to praise your employees for a job well done and watch morale rise.

Feeling like work never ends

The internet and the rise of smartphones have made it possible for employees to work at any hour. This does not mean that companies should always take advantage of this accessibility. By letting your employees unplug and enjoy time with their families and loved ones you are demonstrating that you respect their worth beyond what they can produce for your organization.

Keeping a deep reservoir of talent is key to the sustainability and success of any organization. We realize that it’s not always possible to hold onto every valuable employee, but some simple steps like those outlined above can give you a leg up on strategies to retain top performers. Respect, attention, and responsiveness are key to letting employees know they are heard and recognized as professional contributors.

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