8 Reasons Minnesota Veterans Are Great Hires

One of the best things you can do to thank veterans for their service gives them jobs. Veterans are an excellent source of talent for many reasons. If employers and hiring managers didn’t serve in the military, they may not realize the many skills veterans learned during their service. Veterans are a valuable addition to your company’s workforce.

Veterans are excellent team players

During their military experience veterans learned how to be the ultimate team players. They are trained to think about how they can best help their unit. They are eager to contribute and eager to improve themselves for the benefit of the group. If your workplace also relies on strong teamwork, veterans are primed for helping their crew, department, and company succeed.

Veterans are analytical

Veterans have learned how to quickly assess a situation and develop a plan to accomplish a goal. They are quick to analyze what worked and what didn’t and apply it to future situations. This makes them great in work scenarios and at offering feedback to management.

Veterans are persistent

It’s a reality that in combat military personnel are stuck in situations for indefinite amounts of time. Through those experiences, veterans have learned the patience to wait out a situation and persistence in finding a solution. They must also be agile and adapt quickly to changing situations. They are willing to keep working until the team meets its ultimate goal.

Veterans perform under pressure

Military members have to perform in intense conditions with strict time constraints. They do this while following protocol, working with team members and remaining professional. Veterans are trained to complete a task regardless of circumstances.

Veterans are detail-oriented

Little details make a big difference in the field. Military members learn how to spot seemingly small details to recall later. Catching little differences or recalling who was where can boost productivity and keep your workplace safe.

Veterans appreciate diversity

Military personnel represent diverse backgrounds and experiences. They’ve learned to put aside differences with others to achieve shared goals. They are also well-traveled and are accustomed to overcoming cultural and language barriers. They are prepared to work with anyone who is willing to get the job done.

They make great leaders

Regardless of rank, veterans are trained to one day become strong leaders. They are frequently placed in positions where they need to make quick decisions in uncertain situations. This makes them ready to lead, but it also makes them respectful and willing to cooperate with leadership.

They respect workplace safety

Safety is a huge concern in the military. Military personnel follows strict safety protocols to keep themselves and their comrades safe. They are used to following rules and regulations in the workplace. They are also able to quickly spot and address any safety hazards.

Thank our veterans by making them a priority in your candidate search. Award Staffing can help. Contact us today to learn how you can hire a vet.

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