How Minnesota Businesses Manage Millennial's Easily

How Minnesota Businesses Manage Millennial’s Easily

Millennials are unlike any other group in the workforce, and therefore, need to be handled differently from a managerial standpoint. Millennials are inherently entrepreneurial, goal-driven, and focused on multi-tasking. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when you’re managing a Millennial.

Give Freedom

Millennials “work to live” – not the other way around. When you’re managing a millennial, you need to know that they have other passions and side jobs that take up their time. In order for a millennial to want to stay with a company, they need to feel like they have freedom. They want to know that they can take off a Thursday to Monday for a music festival and still have a job when they come back on Tuesday. If your company doesn’t allow for that much freedom, make sure to emphasize and play up the freedom that is offered in order to remain an attractive option.

Give Praise

Millennials are sometimes referred to as the “Trophy Generation,” meaning that they’re used to getting compliments for any minor accomplishment. While you shouldn’t throw out meaningless praises just for the sake of praising your millennial employee, you should make it a point to recognize their efforts. Millennials are very sensitive in regards to who notices what, and in order to stay in their good graces, you need to make a note of that. This can be as simple as sending your millennial employee a quick e-mail about how much you appreciated their contribution to last week’s meeting. Whatever you do, it’ll make a difference and will lead to your millennial employee feeling that much more a part of the home team.

Value Contribution over Experience

Millennials don’t care about experience. They don’t care if someone has been in the company longer than them; if they feel they have better ideas or solutions for the company, they will view themselves as being superior. When you’re managing millennials, it’s important to value their individual contributions as opposed to the experience they may or may not have. In order for a millennial to feel good about where they are in the company, they need to feel like they’re being heard and that their ideas can actually make a difference.



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