How to Effectively Work for a Baby Boomer

If you’re currently in the workforce, there’s a good chance that you’re working for a Baby Boomer. Currently, Baby Boomers are ages 44 – 62 and make up 45% of the workforce. Most Baby Boomers have put in time at their jobs and have successfully risen in the ranks. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when you’re working for a Baby Boomer.

Respect Their Authority

Baby Boomers come from the frame of mind that experience is the most important factor in determining authority. When you work for a Baby Boomer, it’s safe to assume that you have less experience than them. In order to work for a Baby Boomer, they need to feel like their experience is worth something to you.

This means that whenever possible, you should defer to their judgment if a big decision or challenge is at stake. This will not only establish a positive rapport between you and your Baby Boomer boss, but it will also help you learn and develop problem-solving skills in your career.

Show Your Work Ethic

Work ethic goes a long way for a Baby Boomer. Because Baby Boomers are so used to working long hours on hard projects, they also want to see you putting in that much effort. While you shouldn’t have to stay until sunset every night, it wouldn’t hurt to let them know that you’ve been putting in extra time or personal time on a project that’s particularly important to you. Or, you can prove your work ethic to them by offering extra help on a project that’s vital to the company’s success.

Develop a Personal Relationship

Baby Boomers prioritize personal, face-to-face relationships over any other type of relationship. If you want to be on your Baby Boomer boss’s good side, make it a point to regularly scheduled meetings with him or her. This will let your boss know that you’re not only serious about your job and duties, but you’re also serious about your personal relationship with him/her. When you do this, you should see an improvement in communication, which will also help you with your career endeavors down the road.

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