How to Reduce Costly Hiring Mistakes in Minnesota

How to Reduce Costly Hiring Mistakes in Minnesota

Make no mistake: making hiring mistakes can be incredibly costly. Not only are you taking on the cost of training for someone who won’t use the Intel afterward, but you risk losing out on valuable company assets and/or secrets. Here’s how you can reduce expensive hiring mistakes:

Hire Temp Staff

Before you invest in long-term staff, try hiring temp staff members who can do the job. The biggest benefit of hiring temp staff is that you aren’t responsible for all the initial onboarding costs you would have with a full-time, long-term employee. It’s your opportunity to “try before you buy.” 

Establish a Probationary Employment Period

If you are committed to hiring long-term employees, you establish a probationary employment period. This employment period could have a reduced amount of financial implications (such as basic training) to protect your company and costs. If the employee isn’t performing to your satisfaction after the probationary employment period is complete, you can let them go knowing you didn’t lose money on the entire situation.

Incentivize Extended Employment

No matter what protective measures you put into place, it’s always going to be the least expensive option to hire someone and have them stay with the company. The way you can incentivize this is to put an extended employment clause or contract into place for your employees. This clause or contract would give your employees a bonus for every year (or six months) they’ve been at the company.

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