Qualities of a Great Minnesota HR Leader & Partner

Qualities of a Great Minnesota HR Leader & Partner

An HR Leader carries out some of the most critical functions in your company. They are entrusted with a lot of personal information and expected to navigate the company and its employees through difficult choices about benefits. Their ability to source new talent will define your company’s future. Knowing what to look for in an HR Leader is the first step towards hiring someone who can manage your programs and help you manage your next stage of growth.

A Great HR Leader is a Great Negotiator-

When you need new talent, HR has to deliver. Merely finding new talent isn’t enough; HR has to sign them and get them in the door. A great HR Leader can pitch your company and convince new hires to sign the dotted line. Strong negotiation skills are also a key component of successful mediation when managing sensitive conflict resolution issues.

A Great HR Leader is a Great Coach-

Your HR Leader finds the new hires and signs them up, but it doesn’t stop there. They make sure they are integrated into the company so they can hit the ground running. Joel Trammell recommends HR Leaders manage the full onboarding process.

Quality onboarding includes making the new hire aware of company history and general industry knowledge and having him, or her attend meetings with key executives, in addition to the obvious job-specific training.”

A Great HR Leader is a Great Teacher-

Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman write that “most employees in organizations are unaware of labor laws, hiring rules, benefits and compensation issues.”

HR has to educate your staff and help them navigate the choices in front of them – from health insurance packages to retirement choices and more. Great teaching ability can illuminate the issues and smooth out a lot of potential pitfalls.

A Great HR Leader is a Great Learner-

Change is the only real constant. Labor laws and regulations are constantly updated, health insurance plans get more complex each year, and new approaches to benefits, training, and hiring are always being touted by outside consultants.

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