5 Reasons Why You Don’t Hear Back After an Interview

It’s a typical scenario in the job searching process; once the interview is over, it feels like complete silence on the part of the hiring manager, and silence is the last thing you ever want to hear. Sometimes a lack of feedback doesn’t necessarily mean that you didn’t get the job. Here are five typical reasons you don’t hear back after an interview:

1. Other Candidates are Being Interviewed –

Depending on the scheduling, the interviewing process might not be done in a single day, or even in a week. If that job you are interviewing for requires multiple interviews, it can take even longer. In most scenarios, individuals aren’t informed of the results of an interview until all of the interviews are complete, no matter of how well it went.

2. Multiple People Are Involved In Make The Decision-

If you have ever interviewed with a group or had numerous one-on-one interviews, then the hiring decision is most likely made by a group of people, not a single hiring manager. That means that every person interviewing has to provide feedback on each candidate to come to a group consensus. Depending on the number of interviews, and the schedules of every interviewer, this process might take weeks before a final candidate is selected.

3. Work Delays Their Decision –

Most hiring managers also have regular job responsibilities and duties that they must complete in their day-to-day roles. If something urgent happens after your interview is complete, they most likely will turn their attention to that issue – delaying the hiring process.

4. More than One Qualified Candidate –

Sometimes a hiring manager’s decision comes down to more than one qualified candidate, and selecting between more than one great candidate isn’t always easy. If either person could perform the job, fit into the company culture, and provide long-term value – this makes the decision much more challenging.

The hiring and onboarding process is costly to businesses; this puts hiring managers under pressure to make the right decision. When two job candidates seem to be an ideal fit, getting to a point where a confident hiring decision can be made can take longer than most people realize.

5. You Are Not a Final Candidate –

Not every company notifies job candidates that were not selected for a job. While this is often frustrating, it is common practice. Don’t let this keep you down, take some time to reflect on what went well with your interview and then continue your job search.

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