Finding an Employee-Centric Company

When most people look for a job, the first factor they consider is compensation. While that’s totally understandable, and definitely one of the most important pieces of choosing a job, there are other key aspects that often get overlooked. If your goal is to stay at your next company for a good amount of time, intentionally seeking out an employee-centric organization is a good idea. When you know that a company cares about you, you are more likely to be engaged, excited to go to the office, and produce your best work.

An employee-centric company is a company culture that welcomes ideas, feels like a genuine safe space, and offers employees more than just the usual benefits and competitive pay.

Although a company may initially seem like “the place” because they offered you a decent salary, you have to take into account whether: you want to move up in the company, if atmosphere is important to you, and if you want benefits outside of the traditional health and retirement plans.

Here are a few things you can look for to determine if a company is employee-centric:

1. Non-Traditional Benefits

It really shows that a company cares about their employees when they offer benefits related to time, health and family. Some examples are: a stipend for gas, lunch, etc., shorter days near the holidays, and paying for a gym membership. Obviously, the bigger corporations are able to offer more of these perks than smaller companies. However, even the smallest of companies can offer conveniences like having a stocked fridge, paid breaks, and massage/chiropractic vouchers.

2. Culture

Everyone knows that company culture is more important than ever in today’s workforce; however, it goes beyond an organization’s core values and the personality of the company. Having traditions such as friendly competitions for a small prize, weekly fun meetings that aren’t about work, and company parties are all examples of what can create a great company culture. This shows that a company wants their employees to enjoy where they work and understands the importance of taking breaks and making personal connections.

3. Trust

This is a big one. Autonomy is something that all people want these days and that goes for their personal and professional lives, and companies that offer perks like unlimited PTO, flexible schedule, no set hours, and mental health days (separate from sick days) are the ones with the happiest employees. Knowing that your company trusts you to put in all of your hours and not abuse the time-off policies is a good indicator that you will also be trusted to make the right decisions, solve problems, and produce the best results.

 4. Fairness

Especially when you plan to stay at a company for years to come, you want to make sure it’s a place that treats everyone equally. This means that all employees have access to the same opportunities and that regardless of position, all team members get equal recognition and rewards. A company can demonstrate this by: offering two way performance reviews, promoting from within, and giving all employees access to the same perks regardless of position or salary. This shows a company truly works as a team and understands that all roles are crucial despite the amount of skill or experience an individual has.

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