How to Be Minnesota Nice at Work

How to Be Minnesota Nice at Work

The concept of “paying it forward” has been around for a while and refers to when someone does something good for someone else. The hope is that when enough people pay it forward, that it will eventually come around full-circle. If done effectively, the concept of “paying it forward” at work can actually be quite successful.

Pick up an Employee’s Shift-

If you don’t have plans, pick up an employee’s shift. If they ask you whether or not you are available to take it, say yes as often as you can. They will remember you in the future when you have a favor to ask of them. Also, you will be helping to create a workplace environment in which employees are only at work when they are physically and emotionally able to be present.

Help out a Supervisor-

It’s a fair assumption to make that your supervisor is always pretty busy, especially with helping and leading fellow employees such as yourself. If you have the time in your schedule to do so, ask him or her what you can do to help. If they say nothing, just start helping anyway. Your supervisor will likely remember your enthusiasm and affinity for hard work.

Stay Later than Asked-

Staying later at work can be a drag, depending on why you’re staying there. However, if you voluntarily stay later at work to get a little extra done, it can be exhilarating and empowering. Your supervisors and co-workers will definitely notice if you’re putting in some extra time, especially if it’s to get ahead on a project that would help them out as well.

Compliment Your Colleagues-

Sometimes, we take our friends and colleagues for granted. Take a minute out of your day to give some compliments to your colleagues. These compliments can be anything from providing praise of their most recent work accomplishment to pointing out something you like about their attitude. Regardless of which form you choose, your good cheer and sense of camaraderie will infectiously spread throughout the workplace. Once you start implementing all these tactics, you will be surprised at how easily and quickly these will come back to you. You will also find that your workplace will be a much more positive place for you to get work done.

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