How to Have a Successful Hiring Event in Minneapolis

How to Have a Successful Hiring Event in Minneapolis

Need to hire several employees at one time? Consider having a hiring event. These events will let you compare multiple candidates at one time, which is extremely cost-effective and time-effective. Here are tips for a successful event.

Spread the Word-

You can do this through social media marketing, making the event free, connecting with a staffing agency, word-of-mouth referral system, etc.  Taking time and effort beforehand to encourage attendance will bring payoff on the day of your event.

Make Immediate Connections-

The whole point of having a hiring event is to make immediate connections with potential recruits. Collect their contact information and resumes on the spot. If an attendee interests you, put their resume in a designated file. Attach a few notes to remind you who the person was when you go through the resumes after the event.

Conduct Brief Interviews-

Learn the art of the 3 to 5-minute interview. At-the-moment interviews will help separate the best from the rest when you are ready to call in people for more in-depth interviews following the event.

Display Your Company Culture-

Hiring fairs can often be a little frustrating for recruits because they feel as though they don’t get to see the company culture. You can remedy this issue by bringing some of your company’s culture to the hiring fair. For example, you could staff your booth with your current employees as opposed to brand ambassadors. You could also have informational displays about the benefits of working for your company versus any other companies.

If you’ve decided that you want to have a hiring event, contact Award Staffing. We will be able to send potential recruits who would be a great fit for your business and turn into amazing employees.



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