Qualities Minnesota Companies are Wary of in a New Hire

When you are interviewing potential candidates, there are several obvious “red flag” qualities such as tardiness or lack of respect that would make them ineligible for a job. However, there are many surprising qualities that also indicate a new hire isn’t the best fit for your company. Here are the qualities you should be wary of in a new hire:  

Eager to Speak

If a new hire is extremely eager to speak, this could be an indicator that he or she is not a very good listener. If the employee has a hard time listening, you will find yourself repeating directions and dealing with avoidable problems. New hires can be friendly and conversational, but if you can’t get a word in edgewise, you might have trouble on your hands.  

Inflated Ego

Be careful if your new hire seems to have an inflated ego. While self-confidence is beneficial, your new hire thinking he or she is the best employee in the company is not. If your new hire has an inflated ego, he or she will likely not respond to direction from supervisors and will lead other employees astray.  

Wide Breadth of Knowledge

Be careful if your employee seems to have a wide breadth of knowledge about everything. It’s fine to be knowledgeable in certain fields, but if your employee always has something to say about any topic, you may have a case of “jack of all trades, but master of none”. This could be an issue when you need your new hire to be on board with all the other employees.  

Dislike for Previous Employers

If your new hire expresses disdain for previous employers, he or she might have an aggressive or difficult personality. Discussing previous employers in a negative light is absolutely inappropriate, and you have no guarantee they won’t do the same to you in the future. Once you are aware of these qualities, you will be equipped to make a better hiring decision. If you are in need of new employees, contact Award Staffing. We will perform the initial screening processes to weed out difficult hires.



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