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merchandiser job description

Below is sample job description for Merchandisers. *Please note that each opportuntity varies.

 This job consists of responsibilities such as keeping store racks, displays, shelves, etc. filled with product, replenishing stock as needed, and arranging displays to appeal to customers and management. Often transfer stock from the back room by hand or machine. Should be able to lift heavy objects repetitively and stand for long hours.

This job may entail:

  • Long hours
  • Lifting and moving heavy objects by hand or machine
  • Providing customer service
  • Design
  • Organization, planning, and arranging
  • Take photographs of displays or signage.
  • Plan commercial displays to entice and appeal to customers.
  • Place prices or descriptive signs on backdrops, fixtures, merchandise, or floor.
  • Change or rotate window displays, interior display areas, or signage to reflect changes in inventory or promotion.
  • Obtain plans from display designers or display managers and discuss their implementation with clients or supervisors.
  • Develop ideas or plans for merchandise displays or window decorations.
  • Consult with advertising or sales staff to determine type of merchandise to be featured and time and place for each display.
  • Arrange properties, furniture, merchandise, backdrops, or other accessories, as shown in prepared sketches.
  • Construct or assemble displays or display components from fabric, glass, paper, or plastic, using hand tools or woodworking power tools, according to specifications.
  • Collaborate with others to obtain products or other display items.

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