The Employer’s Guide to Staffing Seasonal Employees

Many businesses rely on seasonal employees to survive busy times. Whether it’s hospitality workers during vacation months or package handlers during the holidays, there are plenty of companies needing seasonal employees all year long.

Here’s what you need to know about making your job easier when staffing seasonal employees.

Hire early

The sooner you start thinking about your seasonal needs, the more likely you are to be fully staffed when the busy season arrives. Starting early gives you the best chance at hiring qualified candidates eager to help you meet your temporary staffing goals. If you wait until the last minute, your vetting process will be rushed, and you may be stuck with less-than-stellar candidates. Having job ads ready to go for your most common positions will help you be prepared when the next busy season arrives.

Compensate seasonal employees fairly

You will need to comply with all standard employment laws when hiring seasonal employees. Additionally, you should ensure that compensation and treatment is in line with how you treat your other employees. If permanent employees know their schedules at least two weeks in advance, so should seasonal employees. If there is a discount at the office café, all employees should benefit. Seasonal employees will understand that they aren’t receiving health benefits or accruing paid time off, but they deserve to be treated equally where possible.

Manage seasonal employees as if they were permanent staff

Just because the employee will only work with you for a few months doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to form a friendly relationship. Don’t dismiss complaints or fail to provide seasonal employees with all the resources they need to do their jobs well. If your seasonal employees won’t receive certain items or perks that permanent employees do – e.g. reserved lockers or key cards – explain why upfront. Do your best to create an environment where everyone feels committed to the team.

Set clear expectations

On the flip side, seasonal employees may think they can get away with more because they aren’t permanent staff. Seasonal employees should understand they will be held to the same standards as permanent staff. Let them know an approximate end date so that candidates with other commitments know whether they are eligible for work. If there’s a chance for some seasonal employees to be hired permanently, let them know the standards management will review to determine who remains after the season or who will be hired again next year.

Keep notes on the best seasonal employees

Seasonal employees are an excellent place to find your next great hire. Seasonal work serves as a tryout period where you can see who performs best and who fits into your workplace. If an employee doesn’t meet your expectations, he or she will be gone in a few short weeks. If you aren’t able to offer any seasonal employees a job once the term ends, make notes on who your favorites were. Give them a call first next time you have an opening and remember them for your staffing needs next season.

One of the easiest ways to handle your seasonal staffing needs is by working with an experienced staffing agency like Award Staffing. Let us know how we can help you meet your seasonal and permanent staffing needs.

How to Know If You Need To Hire Temp Workers

How to Know If You Need To Hire Temp Workers?

If your company has designated periods that are busier than others are, hiring temp workers is a great solution. Temp workers can provide much-needed relief and assistance to help keep your company operating smoothly without the added headaches of adding full-time employees to your team. These tips will help determine whether or not you need to hire temp workers.

Assess Your Company’s Workload

Whether or not your company needs to hire temp workers really depends on the size of your company’s workload. The best way to assess your company’s workload is to sit down with your employees and ask if they feel overwhelmed by their current and upcoming tasks. If the majority of your employees say yes, you might want to look into hiring temp workers to lighten up some of the workloads.

Assess Your Staffing Power

Do you have the resources and/or time to staff responsible temp workers? Connect with a staffing firm who specializes in your industry. They will remove the burden of staffing from your shoulders and find the best temp employee matches for your needs.

List Ways Temp Workers Could Help

Make a make a list of the temp worker’s duties and tasks a temp worker would fill. Are these responsibilities that could easily be assimilated by existing staff or would hiring them out enable everybody to be more productive? This is an excellent way to determine if you need temp assistance and how many employees you could use.

Do a Cost-Benefit Analysis

Hiring temp workers will come at a cost to your company. On the other hand, if you need the help, hiring temps through a staffing affirm will save you time and costs attributed to benefits, and taxes. Completing a cost-benefit analysis of the temp workers and their financial pull on the company may surprise you. Furthermore, even though your payroll might increase for a certain time period, the additional help from your temp workers could increase your overall revenue and productivity, so that would be worth it.

If you need help hiring temp workers, contact Award Staffing. We will figure out your company’s exact needs and the time frame in which the temp workers would be needed. Then, we will match you with hard workers, compatible with your company needs.



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The Pros and Cons of Hiring Seasonal Staff in Minnesota

The Pros and Cons of Hiring Seasonal Staff in Minnesota

When you’re about to head into a busy season, and you’re in charge of staffing for your company, it’s time for the big decision: do you overload your current employees with extra responsibilities, or do you hire seasonal staff to help out with the workload? Before you make a decision, there are pros and cons of hiring seasonal staff that you should take into account:

Pros of Hiring Seasonal Staff in Minnesota-

• Increased Productivity One of the biggest positive aspects of hiring seasonal staff is that after the onslaught of training, you will have increased productivity. Therefore, if you have a busy season coming up, you may want to get the training done several weeks ahead of time, so your new employees are ready to work when everything gets busy.

• Employee Vetting One lesser-known benefit of hiring seasonal staff is that you can use it to vet longer-term employees. Hiring short-term staff is the perfect way to test out particular employees, especially if you’re not yet ready to make a full-time commitment.

Potential Cons of Hiring Seasonal Staff in Minnesota-

• Training Costs Every time you onboard a new employee, you’re may incur training costs to make sure they’re up to speed with your company’s rules, regulations, and protocol. Adding seasonal staff to your workforce could potentially reduce productivity at first until all the new employees are trained.

Connecting with a quality staffing agency which supplies well-trained candidates who learn quickly will ensure that the ultimate productivity and performance is worth any temporary loss of action.

• Lack of Familiarity Your seasonal staff will need to take the time to familiarize the new employees with the position and overall job details. You will need to account for this in the training schedule, but once again, a little effort, in the beginning, will reap big results in the end.

Furthermore, it’s an opportunity for current staff members to expand their leadership skills.

If you are interested in hiring seasonal staff, contact Award Staffing. We can help you identify exactly how many staff members you need, for how long, and in what position/role. We will be able to pre-vet candidates for you so that you’re only meeting with the most qualified candidates by the time they reach the interview process.



Want to learn more about how Award Staffing can help your organization with your staffing and employment needs? Start by providing our team with a few pieces of information about yourself, and we will take care of the rest.

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