The Minnesota Way of Requesting Time Off

At some point in your career, everyone needs time off beyond vacation and holiday. Whether you need to ask for an hour off for a doctor’s appointment, or a more extended time period to deal with an unexpected chain of events, the underlying principles stay the same. Here’s how to ask for time off to increase your chances of receiving the request:

Detail Your Recent Accomplishments-

When you need to ask something of a supervisor, it’s best to precede your request with something that lets your supervisor view you in a positive light. Even if you have a good relationship with your supervisor, it doesn’t hurt to remind him or her that you’ve been doing well recently. This will make them more likely to grant your request.

Have a Detailed Plan of the Dates-

It’s best not to approach your supervisor until you have the exact dates and times you need off from work. Once you have this information and convey it, you will appear to be very organized and responsible. This will increase your chances of having your supervisor approve your time off.

Describe Replacement Assistance-

If you aren’t going to be at work, the responsible thing to do is to find someone who will step in your workplace’s productivity doesn’t suffer. Before you talk to your supervisor, secure replacement assistance with one or more of your coworkers who are willing to help you. Describe the details of your replacement assistance to your supervisor when you ask for time off. This will allow your supervisor to make the decision based on whether or not you should be able to go, not whether or not the company will be short-staffed on that day.

Ask Permission-

Once you’ve presented all of the above information, you need to ask permission. Asking permission shows your supervisor that you still respect him or her and will adhere to their ultimate decision. Your supervisor isn’t likely to say no unless there are some considerable scheduling conflicts that would interfere with the company’s work output.

If you’re looking for a job that lets you take time off occasionally, contact Award Staffing. We can help you find a job opportunity that takes your obligations into account. We will work with you to make sure your new job is an excellent fit for both you and the company