Use Matchmaking to Find the Perfect Employee

Finding the perfect employee can be like finding the perfect romantic partner. However, instead of finding them once, your job is to find them over and over again. If you’re feeling burned out on candidate search, it may be time to get creative. Don’t worry, there are plenty of fish in the sea! Every day, we match employers with the perfect candidate to help them reach their staffing goals.

Here’s what you can learn from Cupid to help you attract the best candidates.

Meet your candidates where they hang out

When it’s time to find qualified candidates for a job search, you likely have your reliable resources. Whether it’s your favorite staffing agency (we’re blushing!) or an industry jobs list, you’ve learned where you can find reliable candidates. To find your perfect match, consider taking things to the next level with your resources. Connect with the staffing agency on social media to see which job seekers are also on the page. Attend a local networking event or job fair to meet your contacts and potential applicants in real life. If you want to add quality candidates to your network, go to places (online or in-person) where you know they’ll be.

Learn more about their interests

As a hiring manager, you likely have a lot of experience with topics like human resources, business administration or psychology. How much do you know about the industry you work in? While you may not be certified as a heavy equipment operator, you should strive to keep up with the latest in your industry. Join listservs for industry organizations. Make an effort to read the trade magazines in the break room. Research your competitors to understand what they’re doing differently. The better you understand the job and the industry, the better you can talk to potential candidates about their experience, interests and goals.

Present your best foot online

Savvy candidates will look for clues about your company in your job post and will research your company before applying. Make sure they like what they find. Work with a copywriter to create job postings that present your company’s personality, whether it’s traditional, funny or relaxed. Have marketing create web content and/or social media that highlights what employees do and what they like about working at your company. Rewrite the description of your company so that it appeals to qualified job seekers. Don’t let candidates Google you only to find outdated or unhelpful information – or worse, nothing at all.

Hire a matchmaker

Staffing agencies are the matchmakers of the professional world. We listen to what you’re looking for in an employee, then turn to our database of job seekers to find candidates who match. We do the hard work weeding out the less-than-eligible candidates so that you only spend your time with the best applicants.

When you need help finding your perfect match, Award Staffing is here to help. Contact us to learn more about how we help can staff companies like yours.

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