Why It’s Import to Send a Handwritten Thank You

Why It’s Import to Send a Handwritten Thank You

If you work with clients or customers on a regular basis, there are probably circumstances in which you would need to thank them for various reasons. While many people will want to send an e-mail due to quickness, you should make an effort to send a handwritten note instead if you can. Here’s why it’s essential to send handwritten thank you notes:

You’ll Make an Impact-

Handwritten notes are a rarity so if you send one to a client; you’ll definitely make an impact and stand out in their mind. It’s always a good thing to stand out in a client or customer’s mind because they will be that much more likely to remember you in the future when trying to choose a business or service to interact with or recommend to a friend.

They’ll Make Your Client Feel Good-

It feels good to receive a handwritten note because it lets that other person know that you were thinking about them at one point. Also, going the extra mile to handwrite the note shows that you care about them and how they feel and perceive you and your business. You may even find that you make your client’s day by sending them a handwritten note, which is so much better than an e-mail or a phone call.

You’re Saying Thank You-

Don’t underestimate the power of saying thank you. In today’s world, a lot of favors go unappreciated, so when someone says thank you, it’s a valuable moment of self-reflection and appreciation. When you say thank you on a regular basis, your business will be known as being kind, gracious, and appreciative . . . And who doesn’t want to choose a business with those three core traits?

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