3 Real-Life Ways to Show Humility At Work

3 Real-Life Ways to Show Humility At Work

Many people will tell you the best way to advance is to stand out at work. On the other hand, sometimes the best strategy is to show a little humility and let your work speak for itself.

Here are some strategies to show humility at work: Be a Great Listener. Being a great listener is a skill. Some ways to become a better listener:

· Don’t get distracted.
· Focus on the person who is speaking.
· Don’t talk over people.
· Stop talking when they talk and never interrupt.
· Don’t start thinking of a clever response before they can get the words out of their mouth.

Show humility by listening to everything they have to say, and pause when they stop before responding. Great listeners are great teammates.

1. Be a Great Follower –

Many people want to lead at work, but few want to follow. Set your ego aside and be a great member of the team by working hard, asking questions from the person in charge and making sure the little details are all handled. When other people are running things, show humility by working extra hard to make them shine. They will notice and ask you first when they have a job to do, and that’s always a great way to impress the boss.

2. Less Big Talk –

Unless you are a teacher in the classroom, the people around you didn’t sign up to hear you lecture them. Instead of leading with a lot of talk, lead by example. An employee who shows up on time, works until the job is done, and tries to help out them will always stand out.

3. Stay Positive –

We all have complaints, but that doesn’t mean we have to dump them on everyone around us. Keep a positive attitude, lift people up with a smile or an offer of help when they need it.

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