5 Ways How to Be a Role Model for Your Co-workers

Being a role model for your Coworkers is tough. Sometimes you have to show up early and stay late. You may take on extra responsibility for keeping the team running smoothly. On top of all that you have to keep yourself motivated and productive. Here are some strategies for leading by example so you can be a role model for your co-workers:

Be a Source of Knowledge –

A good role model can be counted on to answer questions about the company or the project. Helping co-workers do their jobs is part of leadership, so you need to make sure your knowledge is accurate. In cases where you don’t have the answer, you need to know how to find it.

Be Reliable –

Be accessible and give help when needed. A good role model can be counted on – every time. Showing up on time, going the extra mile, being kind and helpful to your co-workers, volunteer for projects, and do the best work you can do and with a good and cheerful attitude.

Be a Positive Influence –

Know how you impact people and make sure you don’t let them down. When a co-worker needs a day off, help and have them covered. If a co-worker asks you to fill out a requisition or get something delivered to complete a job, follow through – on time.

Communicate More –

Everyone knows co-workers have to communicate with one another. Make sure you are going the extra mile here. An open door policy is great, but not all co-workers will speak up first. Make sure you talk to all of your co-workers and ask good questions, so you know what is going on with them and their current projects.

Do What Your Co-workers Should Do –

A good role model leads by example. If you want your co-workers to be prompt, show up early. If you want your co-workers to work hard, let them see you working harder. If you want to work with honest, be truthful with them. If you wish co-workers to be better customer service ambassadors, talk to customers and help with problems.

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