Mitigating Common Employee Issues in Minnesota

As an employer, it’s often your job to handle any issues your employees might have, either with each other or with the company. It can be tough to develop the discipline to talk to your employees, but it does need to be done to make sure everyone is productive and moving forward in your company. Here’s how you can mitigate some common employee issues.


If your employee is regularly late to work, you need to have a conversation with them about it. Remind them the hours that work starts and give them a chance to prove themselves. Start monitoring when they get into work every day, as well as when they leave at night. If their hours and performance are affected by tardiness, put them on a warning and then let them know that you’ll have to let them go if they don’t significantly improve.

Cellphone Use-

First of all, try approaching the employee when they are on their cell phone and see how they respond. If they don’t act afraid, upset, or sneaky when they see their supervisor around them, they clearly think there is nothing wrong with using their cell phone too much at work. Sit them down and be very clear with them about your workplace’s cell phone policy and put them on a warning.

Employee Arguments-

If there is a consistently argumentative atmosphere among your employees, you need to find the root of the issue.  It’s best to bring in all parties involved to come to a resolution. If one employee – or two – are the primary source, help them realize that there is usually a solution in every situation that can be reached that is respectful, professional, and appropriate. Of course, if that fails, you may have to consider dismissal.

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