4 Reasons Why Minnesota Businesses Give Bonuses

Some employers give their employees bonuses for special occasions such as completing a project, making a sale, or celebrating the holidays. Bonuses are often given in the form of payment, but can also be given in other forms such as extra time off or increased responsibility. Recognizing the accomplishments of your employees with a bonus not only rewards them but also benefits the company.

Motivate Hard Work

When your employees receive bonuses after a certain project is completed or a deadline is met, you are motivating them to work harder in the future. Your employees will start taking that extra step and assigning more responsibility to themselves in hopes that you will reward their behavior. You don’t have to give out bonuses every time your employees do something great, but you are letting them know that you are observing and appreciate their hard work. This will lead to more quality work on a more consistent basis.

Promote Certain Tasks

If you have a high priority or time-sensitive task, a great way to do that is to offer your employees a bonus. This will let the employees know that this task or project is extremely important to you, and it will stand out from the other projects or tasks you assign. Your employees will work harder on that specific task because of the stakes that are involved and the importance of the project.

Boost Employee Morale

If your employees know there is even a slight chance you will give out bonuses, you will create an environment of positivity and happiness in your workplace. This will boost your employee morale, as employees will feel like their work is being seen and rewarded. Your employees will also be more willing to put more time and effort into projects, which will lead to a greater sense of self-pride and accomplishment.

Increase Employee Retention

Acknowledging your employee’s accomplishments and skill sets through bonuses creates satisfied employees, ultimately increasing retention. Increased retention builds stronger work relationships and reduces cost per hire.

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